Jamie Crowther

Jamie's research implements a visual and quasi-ethnography to explore the Kicking Crime into Touch rugby project as a site to explore masculinity, marginality and positive youth development of young people known to the Criminal Justice System.

Anna-Christina Jones

Profile and research interests 

Anna-Christina is an interdisciplinary researcher currently working in the area of criminology and youth justice. Anna-Christina has a BSc in Psychology and an MSc in Investigative and Forensic Psychology from the University of Liverpool. She is currently completing a PhD in Youth Justice at MMU.

Anna-Christina’s PhD draws on theories of desistance from crime; specifically those that focus on identity, transitions in adolescence, social capital and social recognition to propose a new theoretical paradigm of youth justice practice shaped by the use of participatory action research.

In addition to completing her PhD, Anna-Christina also leads the Greater Manchester Youth Justice University Partnership (GMYJUP) Knowledge Transfer Partnership (KTP) project, an initiative that facilitates the bi-directional transfer of ideas and initiatives between academia and practice and champions the collaborative development of effective practice within the Greater Manchester YJS. This pioneering project focusses on enhancing evidence-based, assessment-led early intervention for those receiving out of court disposals, as well utilising Youth Participatory Action Research (YPAR) to champion young people’s voices and explore their direct experiences and journeys towards desistance from crime.

Anna-Christina’s previous research interests include false memories and the cognitive interview, a technique used by the police for interviewing witnesses. She has also worked as a cognitive psychologist in the area of consumer research and behaviour change in industry, where she managed an academic collaboration established to enhance understanding of sensorial and perceptual experiences. She has experience with a range of qualitative and quantitative research methods and holds an MSc recognised by the ESRC as research methods training.

Recent publications and conference presentations  

  • “Knowledge Transfer and Youth Justice: Developing and embedding youth justice research in practice” British Society of Criminology Conference, July 2016
  • Greater Manchester Youth Justice University Partnership (GMYJUP): The Role Of The Knowledge Transfer Partnership” Youth Justice Convention, November 2016
  • “Giving young people a voice in youth justice” Youth Justice Convention, November 2016
  • Participatory Youth Practice- reforming youth justice in Greater Manchester through innovative knowledge exchange” British Society of Criminology Conference, July 2017

Kate Westwood

Kate is carrying out an interdisciplinary, collaborative PhD project with MCYS and the Manchester Secondary Pupil Referral Unit. Her research uses arts-based methods and Critical Discourse Analysis to explore the language of school exclusion from various perspectives. 

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