Youth Endowment Fund success

Colleagues from Manchester Met's Manchester Centre for Youth Studies and Policy Evaluation Research Unit have been chosen to evaluate three Youth Endowment Funded projects.

Youth Endowment Fund logo

Youth Endowment Fund logo

The Youth Endowment Fund is a new initiative founded with an endowment of £200m over ten years from the Home Office. It aims to tackle youth offending by intervening early with 10-14-year olds across England and Wales who are at risk of being drawn into crime and violence.

The Youth Endowment Fund has just announced its first round of grantees, committing £16.2m over the next two years to fund and evaluate 22 projects. As part of the Youth Endowment Fund's Evaluation Panel, colleagues from the Manchester Centre for Youth Studies (Paul Gray, Deborah Jump, and Hannah Smithson) and the Policy Evaluation Research Unit have been chosen to evaluate three of these projects: the London Borough of Lambeth Divert programme; the St Christopher’s Fellowship mentoring programme; and the Empire Fighting Chance boxing project.

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