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Monday, 9th March 2020

The language of young people in legal settings: perceptions, preconceptions and misconceptions

John Bellamy discusses his new project which begins to look at issues around language in relation to young people involved in the justice system.

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Wednesday, 30th October 2019

Elsie Whittington and the Girls' Rights Conference

MCYS's Elsie Whittington recently co-organised a collaborative event to mark the International Day of the Girl. Here, Elsie reflects on the day.

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Monday, 30th September 2019

Reflections on a student placement at MCYS - Caitlin Couldwell

In June and July this year, 2nd year Sociology/Criminology student Caitlin Couldwell joined MCYS on an undergraduate scholarship placement to contribute to the Young Manchester Evaluation project. This evaluation uses a mixed methods approach, including Youth Participatory Action Research (YPAR), to establish the effectiveness of the Young Manchester charity’s Youth and Play Fund. In this MCYS Perspectives piece, Caitlin reflects on her experience.

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Thursday, 11th July 2019

MCYS Young Adult book club - Dr Chloé Germaine Buckley and Alex Wheatle

Throughout June and July, MCYS academics Alex Wheatle and Chloé Germaine Buckley have been dropping into secondary schools in Greater Manchester to chat with young people about books.

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Thursday, 27th June 2019

Supporting meaningful arts engagement for refugee-background and culturally diverse young people: Youth-generated guidance - Dr Caitlin Nunn, with PanMarLar Pah Thei and Forest Keegel

Refugee background and culturally diverse young people should have a voice in the arts programmes that seek to engage them. A new resource offers youth-generated guidance for organisations and artists.

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Monday, 3rd June 2019

The limitations of trauma-informed resettlement practice - Dr Paul Gray

On the 24th May 2019, the Youth Justice Board published its strategic plan for 2019-2022. Evident within the plan is a commitment to expanding trauma-informed practice among local services in England and Wales with a view to improving the resettlement outcomes of children leaving custody. In this piece, Paul Gray critiques this trauma-informed focus, arguing that the very nature of trauma is such that children are often reluctant or unwilling to disclose it. This lack of disclosure may ultimately limit the efficacy of a trauma-informed approach.

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Tuesday, 30th April 2019

MCYS takes its participatory work with children to South Asia - Anna Jones

Anna describes the trip she and Dr Haridhan Goswami took to Bangladesh to convene an early meeting of the newly established South Asian Research Network for Childhood and Youth Studies.

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Tuesday, 2nd April 2019

Youthquake - by Dr Ben Bowman

Is there a youthquake in the Parties of the Left in the UK and USA? Nearly two years ago the 2017 General Election saw a surge in electoral registration, in young votes and in public interest in young voters and the issues that motivated them. The election, which was called by many the Youthquake election, had many people asking the question: are young people changing politics on the Left?

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Monday, 14th January 2019

Futures at stake

The recent The Futures at Stake Report, commissioned by the Prince’s Trust and HSBC, makes sobering reading. 3000 young people aged between 11 and 30 were polled and the results are quite shocking.

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Monday, 10th December 2018

Myron Yarde

Watching the devastation of a spate of fatal stabbings in London recently (five souls lost in a week) I felt it was important to revisit an article I had originally written for the Evening Standard in 2016.

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Monday, 26th November 2018

Alex on the road - Nov 2018

This is the first of the 'Alex on the Road' blog series, in which Alex Wheatle highlights relevant issues he comes across in his day-to-day travels!

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Tuesday, 13th November 2018

Meet the Core Team of MCYS

This is the first of a regular blog by me, Alex Wheatle, on behalf of MCYS. I’d like to start with an introduction to some of my colleagues who form the core MCYS team and their particular fields of study and research interests.

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