Words of wisdom

Each year, successful alumni and inspirational individuals attend our graduation ceremonies to give Manchester Metropolitan students advice to help them on the next step of their journey. Here are some of the best from this year’s ceremonies

MIKE PERLS (Founder and CEO of MC2)

Think big and back yourself. I think everyone of you is brilliant, you just need to find out what you are brilliant at and then trust that brilliance.  

ALICE WEBB (Director of BBC North and BBC Children’s) 

Have the courage to follow the path that makes you happy, even if it isn’t so obvious or even if it means making changes. After all, you only live once and realising your full happiness potential, rather than your full earning potential, has surely got to be a good thing.  

TIM HEATLEY (Co-Founder of Manchester based regeneration specialist CAPITAL&CENTRIC and alumnus) 

Whatever your measurement of success, let at least one of the measurements be how you’ve positively influenced or helped other people on their path through life, especially those younger or less privileged. So, leave the ladder down for others as you go through life.  

PROFESSOR SIR DAVID MELVILLE (Leading educationalist and Honorary Graduate) 

Leave university keen to make a difference, to seize the day, to be challenging, to be daring, to be inventive, to be bold, to be brave. Don’t make enemies, don’t defend the indefensible and stay in with those that are out. 

SALLY MACDONALD (Director of Science and Industry Museum) 

Don’t let your fears hold you back. Too often we’re held back by voices in our own heads saying ‘I can’t do that’. As I’ve grown older I’ve realised you have to ignore that and see it as a challenge to overcome. Don’t let yourself be held back.  

DAME SARAH STOREY (Para-cycling champion and Honorary Graduate) 

Enjoy the process, enjoy the journey and keep finding the best version of yourself.  

HOWARD SIMMS (CEO and Co-founder of Apadmi and Honorary Graduate) 

Attitude is everything. It is easy to criticise, moan and not do something – it is so much harder to be positive, proactive, flexible and creative. But if you can be, you will go so much further. A great attitude will get you everywhere.  

JAMIL KHALIL (CEO and Founder of Wakelet) 

Take all the opportunities that come your way. Don’t be afraid to do anything. It takes time. You need a bit of patience and a bit of perseverance. Some things are going to work, some things are not going to work. Be persistent and fearless and go try things out.  

SEAN ANSTEE (Former Leader of Trafford Council, alumnus and Honorary Graduate) 

Sometimes you find yourself in life in circumstances that you can’t control, but what you can control is how you respond to them. You’re going to have to use all the skills, experiences and knowledge that you have gained from this University.   

MALCOLM GARRETT (Design guru and alumnus) 

Follow your passion – do what you like doing. Find your own voice and have opinions, but don’t be arrogant. And remember help and advice is all around you, and people are generous and will give it, so don’t be afraid to take it.   

HUSSAIN EL-AMIN (Former Students’ Union President) 

Always look out for what you want to do, where you want to be. Take that as your inspiration and your road map. It’s all about where you want to be, where you want to end up.