Podcast: New York's Hippest Rabbi

The latest episode of MetCast catches up with Simcha Weinstein, a man who’s been described as ‘New York’s Hippest Rabbi’.

Having left his Prestwich family home to study film history at Manchester Metropolitan University some 20 years ago, Simcha now resides in Brooklyn, where he is campus rabbi at one of New York City’s top arts colleges, and continues to be in demand as a media commentator on culture and spirituality.

Here, Simcha talks about his faith, his journey, his love of Manchester, Manchester City and how he once scouted a pub toilet as a location for a feature film.  

Podcast: Protect the planet

Climate change, plastic pollution and food security are high on the agenda of governments and societies around the world.

But stubborn barriers can slow much-needed progress. So what can be done to overcome the challenge of bringing together the need for social and economic progress with ecological safekeeping?

Research at Manchester Metropolitan University is playing a pivotal role in this area, helping to protect the planet by tackling these challenges head-on.

In the latest episode of MetCast, we hear from Dr Alexander Lees, Senior Lecturer in Ecology and member of the steering committee of the Sustainable Amazon Network. Based in the Amazon Basin, Dr Lees’ work looks at protecting the long-term future of the region, while ensuring it remains a sustainable part of Brazil’s economy.

MetCast spoke to Dr Lees about how his ecological research is being used to help influence local and global policy, as well as how rainforest protection laws, international research funding and prioritisation programmes can hold back deforestation and create value for local and national communities.

Podcast: Talking digital growth with the BBC's Alice Webb

The relocation of large parts of the BBC to MediaCity in 2011 mirrored a period of phenomenal technical change in how content is created and consumed.

In the ninth episode of MetCast, Alice Webb, Director of BBC Children’s and BBC North, and one of the architects of the broadcaster's seismic move, discusses digital growth in Manchester and the region.

She considers how universites like Manchester Metroopolitan can help bridge the digital skills gap and partner with organizations like the BBC.

Alice talks about how the BBC is looking to continue searching out the best new talent from across the north west, and offers her thoughts on what many have called today’s ‘content revolution’ and how the BBC has responded to it.

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