Find out more about our courses that have fieldwork opportunities and years abroad.

Many of our courses at both postgraduate and undergraduate offer fieldwork or study abroad and we have close partnerships with organisations across the world.

Studying and working abroad

Many of our undergraduate courses offer an option to study overseas. Choose a course from our subjects listing to see availability and details of years abroad.

At both postgraduate and undergraduate, skills taught on our courses are relevant worldwide and are easily transferable across countries.

Fieldwork opportunities

Fieldwork gives you the opportunity to apply your learning to real situations, as well as learn from new and varied environments. Most courses in Geography, Biology, Conservation and Environmental Science offer residential fieldwork opportunities in Europe, Africa, Asia and in the UK.

Catherine's fieldwork experience

We learned so much about the subject in practice out in the field. How to catch birds, how to handle butterflies, how to sample accurately and keep records and log books.

As well as our tutors, we were joined by an expert botanist from an associate college in Tanzania who taught us all about the local plants and flora

We spent a week sampling invertebrates in a forest in Wales in the first year which was a fantastic bonding experience to really get to know fellow students and our tutors.

But it was the two weeks on safari in Tanzania at the end of the second year that really inspired me. We carried out animal censuses, focusing on ungulates like impala and wilder beast. It was brilliant – hard, but brilliant! We camped for 11 nights in the wild which was both awesome and terrifying. You’re right in the middle of all the animal life. For example, there were hyenas at night. Lone hyenas run away but if there’s a pack you must stay still.

I’ve always wanted to go on safari and never thought I’d get the chance during University. It was worth every penny for the incredible experience.

Undergraduate degrees with fieldwork opportunities

Biological Sciences Geography and the Environment

Postgraduate degrees with fieldwork opportunities

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