Our chemistry research is rich and varied, with many applications in a variety of industries.

Pharmaceutical Chemistry

Our expertise in pharmaceutical chemistry, microfluidic technology, electrochemical sensors, porous materials and chemically enhanced imaging leads to the development of new therapeutics and forensic applications.

Our specialisms in this field are aligned to the Healthcare Science Research Centre and the Pharmaceutical Chemistry research group.

Advanced Materials and Surface Engineering

In advanced materials, our research specialisms include electrosynthesis, nanomaterials, polymer technology and porous materials.

We are one of the global pioneers in new rapid sensing and manufacturing techniques for graphene, aligned to the Engineering and Materials Research Centre and the Surface Engineering and Advanced Materials research group.

Environmental Chemistry

In environmental chemistry, our research focusses on the challenges arising from environmental pressures linked to pollution and climate change

We are aligned to the Environmental Science and Past, Present and Future Environmental Change research group.

Research and Enterprise