Upcoming event

Friday, 20 October 2017

Smart Cities

Part of Manchester Science Festival

Get involved in an immersive and engaging debate about how to meet Manchester’s future energy demands. Discover how scientists from the European Commission are rising to the challenge of keeping Europe’s lights on and what this means for Manchester’s future as we explore a world of biofuels and next-generation batteries. Be prepared to experience interactive art and hands-on performances inspired by the science of smart cities. But most importantly, be a part of Manchester’s future as a world-leading, sustainable city. Pretty smart, right?

Speakers include:

Joint Research Centre (European Commission):
Dr Andreas Zucker or Dr. Wouter Nijs (Energy Scenarios)
Dr Luisa Marelli (Biofuels)
Dr. Lois Brett (Batteries and their role in the future)
plus colleagues from the Manchester Metropolitan University Hydrogen Fuel Cell initiative.