News | Wednesday, 2nd November 2016

Protect yourselves and your homes from fire

Each year Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue Service responds to fires in properties occupied by students.

Fires in the home can easily start, but are also easily prevented. We have pulled together some top tips to protecting yourselves and your homes.

Did you know?

Top tips:

Do not leave your cooking unattended. Take extra care when frying with oil, and if a fire starts, NEVER put water on it.

Make sure there is a smoke alarm fitted on each floor in the house, and test that the batteries are working once a week.

Keep candles away from flammable surfaces, do not leave unattended and remember to extinguish them properly.

Take extra care if smoking inside a property, and make sure you put your cigarette out and dispose of it appropriately.

Always switch off electrical appliances, including hair straighteners and phone chargers, when not in use, and keep flammable material away from them.

Do not overload plug sockets.

Plan your escape route in case of a fire. And if there is a fire in your house - Get out! Stay Out! And call 999.

If you are living in student accommodation:

If you are living in privately-rented accommodation, landlords must:

Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue service offers free Safe and Well visits where they assess the potential fire risks in your home, provide personalised fire safety advice, health and wellbeing advice and home security advice.

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