News | Tuesday, 11th July 2017

University partners Mobike smart bike share scheme

Manchester campus official ‘Preferred Location’ for dock-free bikes

Bikes lined up at one of the University's 'Mobike Preferred Locations'

The University has partnered with Mobike, Manchester City Council and Transport for Greater Manchester to launch the new smart bike share scheme for Manchester and Salford.

With their distinctive orange and silver look, Mobike's dock-free bikes are already proving to be a popular addition to the city.

The specially designed bikes, equipped with GPS and smart-lock technology, are available for anyone to use as long as users download the Mobike smartphone app.

The app allows users to find the closest bike, reserve and unlock it, ready to ride it wherever they please. After the user has reached their destination, the bike is parked by the roadside and locked, automatically making the bike available to the next rider.

While you can pick up and park the bikes in any suitable bike location around the city, there are several preferred Mobike locations – with Manchester Metropolitan one of the first.

There are currently seven Mobike Preferred Locations (MPLs) in proximity to the Manchester campus where bikes will be replenished daily. Look out for the bikes across the city and most notably on Oxford Road, Ormond Street, Rosamond Street West, Stretford Road, Bonsall Street and Chester Street close to the campus.

Andrew Taylor, Travel Plan Manager at Manchester Metropolitan, said: “The University is incredibly excited about the launch of the Mobike scheme, and we are working closely with Mobike to ensure the scheme can be effortlessly accessed by our staff and students. The scheme will potentially mean that cycling becomes a more convenient and affordable way to travel, while we are optimistic that Mobike will support the greater uptake of cycling in the city.”  

Around 1,000 bikes are available across Manchester, the first city outside of Asia to host Mobikes.

How do I use Mobike?

Step 1:​ Download the app and sign up

Download the Mobike app in the App Store or on Google Play and create an account using your personal mobile number. Receive and enter the verification code and make your one off (fully refundable) deposit.

Step 2: Locate a Mobike near you

Open the Mobike app and check the map for the closest Mobike icon. You can reserve any Mobike for up to 15 minutes by simply selecting the bike and pressing 'reserve'.

Step 3: Unlocking the Mobike

Open your app and press the “unlock” button at the bottom of the home screen. Scan the QR code displayed between the handlebars and the rear end of the bike. Once successfully scanned, the lock will automatically unlock and you may begin your journey.

Step 4: Parking and locking the Mobike

Once you have arrived at your destination, safely park the Mobike at any public bicycle parking location and manually lock the bike by closing the lever on the smart lock. Once locked, the app will automatically end your journey.

How much does it cost?

The one off, fully refundable, deposit for the bikes has been discounted to £29 for the month of July (usually £49). Usage is charged at 50p per 30mins.

Further information is available via Mobike or do not hesitate to contact the Manchester Metropolitan Travel Team.

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