Video | Wednesday, 24th October 2018

Budget 2018: What can we expect?

Christian Spence, Reader in Economic Analytics, shares his predictions ahead of the Chancellor’s Autumn Budget announcement

Next week (October 29) will see the UK’s Chancellor of the Exchequer break with tradition and announce the Budget on a Monday for the first time in decades.

Christian Spence, Reader in Economic Analytics and part of the Future Economies Research Centre at Manchester Metropolitan, shares his predictions ahead of the announcement.

The state of play in UK politics

Against a backdrop of the ongoing Brexit negotiations and promises made at the recent Conservative Party conference, all eyes will be on Philip Hammond when he stands up in the House of Commons to deliver the Budget.

Christian outlines the challenges facing the Conservative Party and assesses the options that the Chancellor has to raise money in the year ahead.

Is austerity coming to an end?

With a recent statement from Prime Minister Theresa May that the UK economy is facing a positive future, Christian addresses the difficult decisions that will have to be made in the Budget in order to fulfil this promise.

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