News | Tuesday, 13th August 2013

Powering Manchester from green energy - study

MMU partnerships looks at potential of hydrogen

RESEARCH at MMU could help power a city from green energy after new agreement between Manchester’s hydrogen partnership and one of the area’s biggest waste companies.

The Greater Manchester Hydrogen Partnership, led by MMU and Greater Manchester Combined Authorites, has teamed up with Viridor Laing Greater Manchester Ltd to investigate the potential to create green energy by producing hydrogen gas from Manchester’s waste sites.

The research could see the city beat its target of a 48% reduction in carbon emissions by 2020.

In March 2013 Manchester Metropolitan University (MMU) and Greater Manchester Combined Authorities launched the Greater Manchester Hydrogen Partnership, with the aim of driving the market for this ‘future fuel’ in the region. The only emission from hydrogen fuel cells is water, making it a clean energy source.

Positive step

Viridor Laing Greater Manchester (VLGM) manage household waste across nine districts of Greater Manchester, in an environmentally and economically sustainable manner. This involves the reception, treatment and disposal of waste to reduce the volumes sent to landfill.

Dr Stephen Jenkinson, Chief Executive Officer VLGM and a Honorary Fellow of the University’s Faculty of Science and Engineering, said: “We are excited to be working with the Greater Manchester Hydrogen Partnership on ways to improve energy production in the region.

"We will be undertaking a study with MMU to investigate the possibility of producing hydrogen from our waste sites to create a totally green energy source. It’s a really positive step towards green energy for Manchester.”

Dr John Hindley, Head of Environmental Strategy at MMU said: “The partnership with VLGM is a key milestone in Greater Manchester’s ambitions of creating a route to non-fossil hydrogen for distribution across the region. This initiative will be key in achieving the region’s target of a 48% reduction in carbon emissions by 2020.”

Probation period

The GMHP is now entering a six month implementation period during which the members will collectively agree a set of actions for each of the three focus areas: strategic infrastructure, stationary & portable power and infrastructure & vehicles. During this period an executive committee will be compiled and a chair appointed.

For anyone interested in joining the partnership should call Amer Gaffar who is leading on the project at MMU on 0161 247 4660 or visit the website

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