Summary profiles of the work being undertaken by our current PhD students are provided in the table below.



Thesis Title

Razia Aubdool

Fiona Duncan

An exploratory study to investigate the use of mobile technology to enhance acute pain management in post-operative surgical patients

Dalliah S F Al Khouli

Duncan Mitchell

Employment policy for people with disabilities in Saudi Arabia

Fhaied Almobarak

Janet Marsden

Exploring the perspectives of nurses, physicians, and healthcare administrators in Saudi Arabian hospitals on palliative care and palliative care nursing

Faye Bruce

Josie Tetley

Awareness, knowledge and attitudes to the risk and prevention of cardiovascular disease. An ethnographic study of African and Caribbean experiences in an urban area.

Mona Fareh

Duncan Mitchell

Nursing Educational services and institutions established in Aden in the period 1950-1967: A history of Nursing of a Colonial Perspective

Jeremy Finch

Duncan Mitchell

Towards an all graduate profession: Exploring learning in critical care nursing education

Lorna Ford

Josie Tetley

A phenomenological study to investigate nurses' experience of professional accountability

Meg Gibbons

Carol Haigh

Development and evaluationof on-line/off-line facilitation and effects on CPAP adherence

Jacqueline Gladwin

Josie Tetley

Assessment of the impact of records access on the health and well being of patients with long-term health conditions

Pip Hardy

Carol Haigh


Maxine Holt

Duncan Mitchell

Helping people understand health across different settings

Everistus Ibekwe

Carol Haigh


Emma James

Josie Tetley

A mixed-methods study evaluating the utility of targeted eLearning and eLearning design for Point-of-care testing

Manju Luckson

Carol Haigh The impact of a new biomedical research centre on quality of research in an acute NHS Trust

Linda Moss

Duncan Mitchell

What is the image of the Nurse who has a disability or a disabling condition?

Gayatri Nambiar-Greenwood

Carol Haigh

Are Nurses Culturally Competent?

Frank Sharp

Lucy Webb

Mental health nurses understanding of the relationship difficulties experienced by male patients personality disorder as defined within DSM-IV

Stuart Taylor

Janet Marsden

Have nurses forgotten how to nurse or are there other reasons?

Neil Wilson

Kirsten Jack

The knowledge and attitudes of GPs and Practice Nurses towards nutrition in patients with COPD

Gary Witham

Carol Haigh

Dementia and cancer care

Lee Yarwood-Ross

Carol Haigh

An exploration of the impact of combat-related amputation on veterans from the post-2001 conflicts