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Online Enrolment Frequently Asked Questions


The following guidance should help you with the Online Enrolment process. If you need further help please contact the Enrolment Helpline on 0161 247 5959

Opening Hours

The Enrolment Helpline is available Monday - Friday, 08:45 – 16:15 GMT. Sorry, but we are closed on weekends and bank holidays.

Enrolling Online

I can’t log in to online enrolment, what should I do?

Make sure you are using the correct log in details:


New students: Your MMU ID will be on your confirmation letter, and your password would be your date of birth in the following format ddMmmyy (for example, 06Sep96).


If you have received confirmation of your place at Manchester Metropolitan and you are unable to enrol online, please contact the Enrolment Helpline. Please note that if you enter through Clearing or late in the admissions cycle, it may take 24-48 hours after receiving your confirmation before your enrolment record is set up.


If you are an International Student, you will need to attend pre-enrolment and the international welcome events before you are able to enrol online.


Returning students: Your MMU ID is the number on your student ID card. Your password will be the same as your previous year, if you need it resetting please contact the Enrolment Helpline.


To log in to enrol online you must have met the academic requirements to progress on to the new year of your course, or have been given another opportunity for reassessment with or without attendance. 


If you are still awaiting resit results you will not be able to enrol until 2-3 days after they are published.

I am going away can someone enrol online for me?

No, you must enrol online and accept the University’s terms and conditions. Even if you are abroad, you will still be able to access online enrolment. 

Personal Details

My personal details are wrong, what should I do?

Course Details: if the course or year of course are incorrect then you should log out of online enrolment and contact the Enrolment Team on 0161 247 5959 who will refer you to the correct department.


Name: if your name is incorrect then you should continue with online enrolment then contact the Enrolment Team on 0161 247 5959 requesting the necessary changes to be made. You will need to provide proof of your correct name (passport, driver’s license, marriage certificate or deed poll. If you are using a deed poll you must also supply a utility bill with the name). This can be done in person at the Student Hub or by email. Please remember you need to update any change of details with the Student Loan Company also or it may delay your loan.


If you are enrolling on the final year of your course please check your name very carefully as this will be the version that goes onto your certificate.  Once you have graduated, the University will not permit name changes to its records, certificates, or transcripts.


Address If your address is incorrect you can amend it while enrolling online, if you change your address again during the term, it is important to update us by logging back into the enrolment website and choosing the option to ‘update my contact details’.


Date of birth if you are a returning student then you should be able to continue with online enrolment, but should contact the Enrolment Team on 0161 247 5959.

I don't know my term-time address yet – what should I do?

Please complete your online enrolment. You will need to return to update your term-time address as soon as you know it. It is important that the University has your correct address as all important communications from the University will be sent to this address. You can amend this by returning to the enrolment website and choosing the option to ‘update my contact details’.

What does ‘Highest Qualification on Entry’ mean?

It does not necessarily mean the entry qualification for the course you are enrolling on. For example, you hold a MA in History but are now enrolling on a PGCE for which the entry qualification is a Bachelor’s degree, you should select the option 'UK MA, MSc, MPhil, MRes or other Master’s.

International Students

I am a new international student and cannot enrol online, why?

This is probably because you need to attend pre-enrolment.  Further information on pre-enrolment, including who needs to attend and what you need to take with you, can be found in the International FAQ section.

How do I enrol online?

Log in to Online Enrolment by using your MMU Student ID and password.


Your MMU Student ID can be found in your CAS/unconditional offer letter and your password is currently set to your date of birth in the format ddMmmyy (for example, 06Sep96).


You’ll also need your bank/credit/debit cards details (if you haven’t paid your fees in full) or details of your official financial sponsor (if they are paying fees on your behalf).


As a student, you can vote in local elections at home and also your term-time address so long as they are not in the same local government area. During enrolment you will be offered the opportunity to register to vote. If you wish to register, you will need to provide your National Insurance Number and date of birth for security purposes.

What do I do after completing online enrolment?

After you have successfully enrolled online, you will need to:


Collect your Manchester Metropolitan student ID card.  Collecting your ID card completes your enrolment with the University and allows you to access the Library and other University buildings and facilities, including Halls of Residence - so it is important that you keep it safe throughout your time at Manchester Metropolitan.  Please check your personalised Welcome page for details of when and where to collect your ID card.


Attend your Faculty induction session.  The induction sessions are specific to your course and provide you with the opportunity to meet your tutors and fellow students, learn about your course, and find out about University facilities and support services.  You will also learn about social events, societies, and sports clubs taking place on campus.  For further information on what to do after completing the enrolment process please see our Welcome website. 

I have completed pre-enrolment and waited over 24 hours/do not need to attend pre-enrolment but still cannot enrol online, who can help?

If you have any problems completing online enrolment please contact our Enrolment Team on 0161 247 5959.

Important information from the Student Loan Company

– especially for new students or if you are applying late for your loan

Need to contact the Student Loans Company?

As this is the busiest time of the year it is possible that it will take you longer than normal to get through by phone to the Student Loans Company contact centre. However all information you need is on their websites:

Depending on where you are resident, go to:

On-line Change of Circumstances

(e.g. change of university, course change): especially important if you are coming to Manchester Metropolitan through Clearing

You can update or change details relating to your course, university and loan amounts on-line. You no longer need to complete a paper form, even if you applied on paper to begin with. If you are coming to Manchester Metropolitan through Clearing, you might previously have given Student Finance England the details of a different university. If so, you will need to let them know straight away, that you have now chosen us instead.

How do I notify the Loans Company that my circumstances have changed?

You can make any changes now – you don’t have to wait for your initial application to be processed.

You will need to use the log in details that Student Finance England sent to you. Simply log in to your student finance account to change your course, university or college or finance details.

What if I have not yet applied for funding?

The deadline for student finance applications based on household income has passed, which means Student Finance England may not be able to work out your full entitlement in time for the start of term.

However, they want to ensure that all entitled students receive some money as soon as possible after they have enrolled at Manchester Metropolitan, so they will give you an initial assessment of your entitlement to see how much funding you will receive without taking your household income into account.

What is an initial assessment?

Initial assessment makes sure that students who are eligible for a loan have some money as soon as possible after they enrol at Manchester Metropolitan. It is the process in which you receive the non-means tested element of your student finance entitlement – the basic Maintenance Loan and the Tuition Fee Loan only.

If you are applying now, for the first time, you are likely to be given an initial assessment and your application will be fully assessed as soon as possible afterwards. You will still need to send in the evidence of household income.

Who might need initial assessment?

You will need an initial assessment if you are new to Student Finance England, if you have applied late or if you have not yet provided your supporting evidence of household income.

How is initial assessment done?

Student Finance England will:

  • assess your application quickly to make sure you are eligible for student finance.
  • send you a letter, if you are eligible, confirming your entitlement to student finance that is not based on household income This will include your basic Maintenance Loan and the Tuition Fee Loan only.
  • make sure the first payment of any Maintenance Loan you have asked for is available to you shortly after Manchester Metropolitan confirms your attendance. Confirmation is done on the day you have your MMU ID Card validated (usually the first day of term) and the money goes into your bank account within 3 – 5 working days.
  • make sure that any Tuition Fee Loan you have asked for is paid directly to Manchester Metropolitan.

Student Finance England will still have to fully assess your application based on household income once they have received and processed all the information and evidence required to support your application.

If your parent(s) or partner has already provided financial information and or evidence there is no need to contact Student Finance England, they will contact you once they have processed it.

If your parent(s) or partner has not yet provided the financial information and or evidence that Student Finance England need, they should do this as soon as possible. If they don’t you will only be entitled to student finance not based on household income.

Once Student Finance England have received and processed all of the information and evidence you send them, they will:

  • complete a full assessment of your application using your household income
  • work out any additional funding you are entitled to
  • send you a new entitlement letter confirming any additional funding
  • pay you any difference in your funding as soon as possible