We work in close partnership with over 1,500 regional schools, colleges and a wide range of other allied settings spanning the education, community, charity, arts and business sectors

Our aim is to provide high quality professional and community education which is accessible to all learners. The pursuit of excellence in research to inform and lead innovative educational practice regionally, nationally and internationally is key to our service. We are committed to working collaboratively with learners and partners in order to exchange educational knowledge for far reaching social and community impact.

We are home to an established Professional Development Programme (PDP) of postgraduate courses for professionals in education and allied service settings which each year attracts one of the largest cohorts, nationally (800+ learners). The PDP offers a number of part time general and specialist masters awards, as well as full time masters options for national and international learners.

We also offer a variety of specialised educational services for schools, other partners and learners. These services include award bearing and non-accredited continuing professional development courses and conferences, professional consultancy and bespoke professional training, as well as collaborative and contract research.

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