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        A. Greenstein (2015). Radical inclusive education: Disability, teaching and struggles for liberation.

      • Refereed journal articles

        E. Burman, A. Greenstein, J. Bragg, T. Hanley, A. Kalambouka, et al. R. Lupton, L. McCoy, K. Sapin, L. Winter. (2017). Subjects of, or subject to, policy reform? A foucauldian discourse analysis of regulation and resistance in UK narratives of educational impacts of welfare cuts: The case of the ‘bedroom tax’. Education Policy Analysis Archives. 25,

        A. Greenstein, E. Burman, A. Kalambouka, K. Sapin (2016). Construction and deconstruction of 'family' by the 'bedroom tax'. British Politics. 11(4), pp.508-525.

        A. Greenstein (2015). Disability and teaching. DISABILITY & SOCIETY. 30(2), pp.312-314.

        A. Greenstein, C. Blyth, C. Blunt, C. Eardley, L. Frost, et al. R. Hughes, L. Perry. (2015). Exploring partnership work as a form of transformative education: “You do your yapping and I just add in my stuff”. Disability Studoes Quarterly. 35,

        A. Greenstein (2014). Theorising Autism Project-Engaging Autistic People in the Research Process Review of a seminar day at the Institute of Education. Autonomy, the Critical Journal of Interdisciplinary Autism Studies. 1,

        A. Greenstein (2014). Today's learning objective is to have a party: Playing research with students in a secondary school special needs unit. Journal of Research in Special Educational Needs. 14(2), pp.71-81.

        A. Greenstein (2014). Is this inclusion? Lessons from a very special unit. International Journal of Inclusive Education. 18(4), pp.379-391.

        A. Greenstein (2013). Confronting obstacles to inclusion: international responses to developing inclusive education. DISABILITY & SOCIETY. 28(1), pp.138-139.

      • Chapters in books

        A. Greenstein, S. Graby (2016). Relational autonomy and disability: Beyond normative constructs and post-structuralist deconstructions. R. Mallett, C. Ogden, J. Slater. In: Precarious Positions: Theorising Normalcy and the Mundane. Chester: University of Chester Press, pp.228-259.

      • Reports

        J. Bragg, E. Burman, A. Greenstein, T. Hanley, A. Kalambouka, et al. R. Lupton, L. McCoy, K. Sapin, LA. Winter. (2015). The Impacts of the ‘Bedroom Tax’on Children and Their Education.