Business services

Rapid Prototyping

Companies can quickly turn an idea into a reality by working with our design experts, who utilise the latest CAD software and prototyping hardware. This reduces production cost and time to a minimum and enables rapid progression to realizing a final manufactured part. Print City can link designers with manufacturers to enable new business to develop and grow.


Mould Making

Not all designs will be suitable for Additive Manufacturing and ‘traditional’ fabrication using moulds might be the way to go. Rapid Producing moulds can be an expensive and timely investment; using 3D printing to manufacture the moulds reduces the cost and the time to get parts into full production.


Small Scale Production

With a wide range of technologies and materials available in-house it is possible to produce small production runs. From carbon fibre composite materials to stainless steel metal parts, Print City provides an innovative facility that can meet the needs of a wide range of manufacturers.


Consultation & Training

There is a wide range new of software and hardware on the market, and purchasing the right equipment can be a daunting task. Print City not only provides a Prototyping service but can also help specify the right machinery for a business to enable in-house production. Companies often fall foul of the sales talk, resulting in the unnecessary purchasing of over specified hardware; Our team of experts can help to Independently guide you to find the right equipment.

We are also able to offer staff training in the form of CPD courses, or tailor-made workshops to upskill your staff.


Research & Development

Many SMEs cannot always afford an expensive R&D facility. Print City can provide a wide range of assistance from material testing to Knowledge Transfer Partnerships (KTPs.)  


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