Helen Barton, Director of Strategic Planning

Helen started as Director of Strategic Planning in November 2016. She is responsible for the development and implementation of the University’s planning framework and processes, including environmental scanning, sensitivity analysis, benchmarking, performance monitoring and risk analysis. Prior to working at Manchester Metropolitan University, she worked as Director of Planning at the University of Manchester.

Dan Swain, Strategic Planning and Information Manager

Dan joined the team in November 2017 from the University of Manchester. He leads the team of business analysts that oversees the University's planning processes, and monitors progress against the University's key performance indicators and targets. He is responsible for providing analysis and insight to support policy development and for monitoring key sector developments, advising on impacts for the University.

Kenny Stewart, Business Analyst

Kenny has responsiblity for assisting the University's appraoch to strategic planning. This includes providing analyses of performance against internal and external benchmarks. Some examples are National Student Survey results data, student numbers forecasting, and University league tables analysis.

Matt Singleton Business Analyst

Matt is responsible for the submission of the Key Information Set to HESA and supports in the preparation of other returns to HESA. He is also involved in responding to internal and external requests for data including Freedom of Information requests, and coordinates reporting of the institution's risk management processes.

Frances Leach, Planning Officer

Frances is responsible for analysing the University’s performance against our key priorities and in comparison to national performance indicators. She is also responsible for several aspects of the management and analysis of University surveys, including the National Student Survey and the Professional Services Quality Survey.

Loren Dean-Austin, Business Analyst

Loren has responsibility for delivery of internal reporting and external data requirements related to Equality and Diversity to support the University's strategic and operational activity. She undertakes analysis on key student datasets to help inform policy and decision-making relating to student recruitment and academic outcomes.

Kathryn Milnes, Planning Officer

Kathryn is responsible for the annual preparation and submission of the student HESA return. She has previous experience of other statutory returns including producing the ITT in-year return. She also prepared the University’s inaugural Key Information Set. She is also involved in various data quality projects.

Andrew Wright, Planning Officer

Andy assists with the preparation, optimization and submission of statutory data returns to external funding and information agencies (HEFCE, HESA, etc.) He also responds to internal and external requests for information about the University’s provision and its students for a variety of purposes, such as internal resource allocation, university league tables and student surveys such as the NSS.

Helen Richardson, Senior Project Manager

Helen is responsible for leading a number of strategic projects at the University, including Student Centred Curriculum. She has worked at Manchester Metropolitan for over ten years, beginning in international academic collaborations, and then focussing on UK-based partnerships.

Tom Wilcock, Senior Project Manager

Tom is responsible for leading two of the organisation's exciting flagship projects, the School of Digital Arts (SODA) and Manchester Metropolitan Institute of Sport (MMIoS). Tom joined the team in March 2019 having previously worked as Head of Service Development and Assurance at Edge Hill University.

Caroline Robinson, Configuration Manager (Cheshire)

Caroline has worked at the Cheshire campus for 28 years in a number of roles and is currently working on the Cheshire Transition Programme. Her responsibilities include data management, reporting, forecasting, updating risks and other project documentation.

Stacey Brown, Project Records and Information Officer (Cheshire)

Stacey works on the Cheshire Transition Programme to ensure record management compliance and the transfer of data.

Hannah Wall, PMO Manager

Hannah is responsible for managing the PMO, overseeing the team members and systems used. She has worked at the University for six years and was an Information and Resources Manager before joining the Strategic Projects team in 2018.

Nichola Stead, Strategic Projects Communications Officer

Nichola is responsible for the delivery of student- and staff-focused communications related to the University’s portfolio of strategic projects. She has previously worked in communications and marketing roles within the charity and environmental sectors.

Nicola Palin, Strategic Projects Assistant

Nikki forms part of the core PMO team, providing operational support for developing and live projects. Nikki previously worked for a private-sector organisation providing guidance on disability support to universities.

Dave O'Hara, Project Support Officer (SODA)

Dave is the Project Support Officer for the School of Digital Arts (SODA), a £35m investment that will drive ideas and innovation across all forms of creative content. He supports and coordinates project activity in the lead up to the opening of SODA in 2021. Joining Manchester Metropolitan in 2016, Dave has worked previously in similar roles in the charity sector.

Sarah Maine, Project Support Officer (SCC)

Sarah is responsible for the operations of the Student Centred Curriculum (SCC) project. Her role involves managing project documentation, facilitating meetings and general administration support. Sarah is a former student at the University, graduating in 2017, and previously worked for an organisation providing education in prisons.

Andi Carillo Espinoza, Project Support Officer (MMIoS)

Andi supports the co-ordination, planning and control of the Manchester Metropolitan Institute of Sport (MMIoS) project. She joined the team in January 2019, having previously worked in similar roles for both public- and private-sector organisations.

Strategic Planning