We have a broad range of knowledge, skills and attitudes that are bound together by our focus on the application of psychology to real world issues to ensure that our work impacts outside academia.

We offer truly world class solutions to our local community and beyond. The Department specialises in six main areas of Knowledge Exchange:

Coaching and Counselling

We provide a range of training events and workshops. These range from taster sessions through to more in-depth integrated routes. In addition, we pride ourselves on the ethical and successful delivery of one to one coaching and counselling sessions.

Mental toughness assessment and development

The Department of Psychology department at MMU plays host to one of the world’s premier centres for mental toughness assessment and development. The 4 ‘C’ s model of mental toughness is internationally recognised as the most widely used and successful perspective on toughness. We work extensively in Business, Education and Sport to identify and build on talent.

Evaluation methods

It is vital that any projects, interventions or initiatives show that they are effective and efficient. The Department has a wealth of experience relating to both cutting edge qualitative and quantitative methods. We can guarantee that combining the various methods at our disposal that you will get a credible, comprehensive and fully nuanced one which embeds the ideal of ‘learning through evaluation’.!

Forensic psychology

Our research focuses on the investigation of crime including police decision making, eyewitness and alibi evidence, expert witness evidence and juror decision making. We also have expertise in working with offenders and carrying out forensic assessments and interventions. The Forensic Team have a wealth of experience of working with a wide range of organisations and agencies including police, prison and probation service. We offer a full consultancy service for those seeking expert advice and research within our specialist areas.

Assessment methods and delivery

The Department has considerable experience of the design and delivery of assessment tests and techniques. We can provide access to third party tests or develop assessments from scratch, including job analysis and competency design. Assessment can be used for both selection and development purposes and may include psychometric testing, in-trays, group exercises, presentations and problem solving activities. Additionally, we can design and develop bespoke instruments to meet your specific needs.

Health and Wellbeing

One of the core missions of the Department is to integrate the sometimes disparate strands that make up our home discipline. This is well illustrated in our approach to health psychology where we have expertise in body image, smoking cessation, fitness, substance misuse, disability issues, mental health, and positive psychology. We can offer diagnostically driven solutions to a range of wellbeing issues, including facilitating behaviour change. Knowledge exchange is not simply about making an economic difference, it is also about enhancing people’s health and the society we all live in.

If you have any queries, or simply want to discuss any aspects of our Knowledge Exchange, please contact Michelle Howard, Business Development Manager ke.hpsc@mmu.ac.uk, or David Tyson, Business Development Manager cpd.hpsc@mmu.ac.uk