Structural Reform Research Interest Group (RIG) Meeting

Thursday 3rd November 2016
Room 1.64, Brooks Building

‘The leadership and management of co-operative schools in a challenging policy landscape’

This event is hosted by the MMU Centre for Educational Leadership and Management.

There are currently more than 800 schools that have chosen to form trusts or become academies under the banner of the Co-operative College. For many, taking this step has been a way of asserting a particular set of values about, for example, leadership, governance and curriculum; for some, establishing a co-operative trust has been seen as alternative to academisation. However, recent government statements that asserts a vision of a fully academised school system and a preference for a particular form of organisation – the multi-academy trust – present significant challenges for the co-operative model. In particular, leaders are faced with important choices about how co-operative values and practices can be embodied in their schools in a context where competitive and corporate approaches appear to be privileged by policy. This meeting of the Structural Reform RIG will draw on the work of a number of people who are researching in this area, as well as representatives of the Co-operative College, to facilitate discussion about the current status of co-operative schools and possible ways forward.

Potential participants will need to register on the BELMAS website in order that we have an idea of numbers for catering.

More information and Conference Programme

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