Engaging wider communities with our research

We have a long history of engaging the public with our research, through festivals, collaboration and working with local communities.

We are a great modern university, in a great global city.

Our ambition is to discover and disseminate knowledge. We aim to make higher education accessible, and beneficial, to all those with the passion and ability to succeed.

We recognise that the design and impact of our research is improved through sustained engagement with end-users. We believe in responsible research and innovation, and will continue to do everything we can to push at the boundaries of what is possible in this space.

Public engagement at Manchester Met

Our public engagement journey started in 1824, when we formed to provide education to local workers engaged in the textile mills of industrial Manchester. More recently, we have been involved in transformative projects that have had an impact on the way that public engagement has shaped Higher Education.

We were partners in the award-winning HEFCE-funded Urban Regeneration: Making a Difference project in 2006, which recognised the key role that universities and communities have to play in addressing the urban challenges of the North.

In 2008, we partnered in the HEFCE, RCUK, Wellcome-funded Manchester Beacon project, with the University of Manchester, Salford University and MOSI - part of the UK's largest ever public engagement initiative focused on changing the way that universities recognise and reward public engagement.

We are continuing to develop innovative models of engagement around our research through festivals, co-creation, participatory research and research-informed teaching that reaches out into local communities.

For more information on our public engagement with research email impact@mmu.ac.uk.

Arts and Humanities public engagement

RAH! (Research in Arts and Humanities) is the public engagement programme of the Faculty of Arts and Humanities at Manchester Met.

Launching in 2017/18, RAH! built on the enormous success of the ‘Humanities in Public’ (HiP) Festival, which has run since 2013/14.

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