Our research crosses four main themes:

We aim to use computational science to solve the important challenges that society faces. We work across boundaries and between disciplines. Our research has applications in areas such as security and safety, health and wellbeing, smart cities, and next‐generation/future technologies.

Our core strengths are in complex systems modelling and simulation, big data, computational intelligence and cyber‐security. One of our key roles is to provide frameworks for the translation of raw data into usable, actionable information.

We handle vast amounts of data derived from smart city projects, robots, social media, wireless sensor networks, crowds, medical devices and imaging, crime databases and many other sources. We create meaning, through the development of new tools and methods for knowledge extraction and visualisation.

Our work has made real impact in areas such as policy, criminal investigations, crowd management and safety, health and wellbeing, games and education, corporate logistics and ‘next generation’ unconventional computing.

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