RiBL provides a hub which co-ordinates the collaborative strengths of six synergistic research centres focused people and performance, international business and innovation, enterprise with a particular focus on SMEs, policy modelling, place management and law. These centres conduct research which both develops theory and has substantial influence on the practice of business and management, law and wider policy. A unique feature of RiBL is that it brings together academic staff, students and ‘real world’ partners to make sense of the key challenges facing contemporary business and society.

RiBL is also home to the Faculty’s Graduate School for Business and Law. This is a thriving community of doctoral researchers exploring emerging issues of critical importance to business and society.

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Centre for People and Performance (CPP)

Centre Director

Centre for People and Performance conducts independent research in partnership with a wide range of organisations, to explore the challenges of managing, leading and developing people to create sustainable high-performing organisations.

Centre Contacts

Email: b.lupton@mmu.ac.uk

Website mmu.ac.uk/cpp


Centre for International Business and Innovation (CIBI)

CIBI was created to bring together recognised scholars in the fields of international business and innovation studies, and to exploit the strong synergies between the two disciplinary fields in a period of rapid (economic and technological) globalisation. In addition to examining the benefits of international trade and innovation, the CIBI’s research addresses questions relating to the stresses that are introduced by on-going economic, technological and cultural shifts. CIBI has a strong record of international level research and has extensive links with government departments, regional authorities and international organisations. CIBI is also closely linked with leading academic centres, business associations and a range of interest group organisations in Europe and beyond.

Centre Contacts

Phone +44 (0) 161 247 6307

Website mmu.ac.uk/cibi


Institute of Place Management (IPM)

Institute Chair

Formed in 2006, the Institute of Place Management is the international professional body that supports people committed to developing, managing and making places better. The concept for the Institute was developed by the Manchester Metropolitan University and the Association of Town Centre Management in the UK. They recognised a need to create a professional body capable of developing and supporting the creation of sustainable formal structures of place management, ensuring professional standards amongst all those involved.

Centre Contacts

Email info@placemanagement.org

Website placemanagement.org


Centre for Enterprise (CfE)

Centre Director

Centre for Enterprise is an established and professorially led team of enterprising academics. We are passionate about research – and even more passionate about taking that research and turning it into practical knowledge, which can be applied to improve regional businesses. Our areas of expertise are growth, leadership, entrepreneurship and sustainability. We offer a range of programmes around these themes, many fully-funded. Join us to access our knowledge and our business network to develop yourself and to grow your business.

Centre Contacts

Email cfe@mmu.ac.uk

Phone +44 (0)161 247 3871

Website mmucfe.co.uk


Centre for Policy Modelling (CPM)

Centre for Policy Modelling is a research unit that has focused on complexity science and social simulation since 1992.  In its 20 years history, Centre for Policy Modelling (CPM) has established itself as one of the leading teams in social simulation in the world.  Its members have contributed to the theoretical development of the discipline and applied the simulation approach to a variety of issues and fields, participating and coordinating several UK and EU research projects.  

Centre Contacts

Phone +44 (0)161 247 6479

Website cfpm.org


Sylvia Pankhurst Gender Research Centre

The Centre's purpose is to provide an intellectual space, open to all colleagues across the university, where scholars with a research interest in gender can meet on a regular basis to discuss their work, identify and explore contemporary issues linked to gender, present ‘works in progress’, network with others interested in gender research, and develop collaborative interdisciplinary research proposals.

The forum is open to both faculty and to post-graduate students, as well as others who may be interested in specific events.

Centre contacts

Email:  j.rouse@mmu.ac.uk & k.cook@mmu.ac.uk 

Website: Sylvia Pankhurst Gender Research Centre

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