Health and Social Care

From the clinic to the community and everything in between.

We are the top new university in the UK for the power of our allied health research. We had the seventh largest increase in market share in REF2014 and 100% of the impact of our health research is rated world-leading and internationally excellent.

We have outstanding healthcare science researchers with a focus on developing solutions for fatal conditions such as stroke, heart disease, HIV, diabetes and dementia. We have a large interdisciplinary group fighting the long-term effects of ageing and we are amongst the world-leaders for musculoskeletal rehabilitation, speech and language therapy and critical disability studies. We are experts in surface characterisation and antimicrobial properties and our biomechanical engineers and psychologists within Exercise and Sports Science are ensuring that Team GB continues to break world records. Income comes from research councils, the EU, major charities and industrial partners. 

Centre for Biomedicine

World-leading research in genetics, cell and molecular biology with outstanding impacts in rehabilitation and ageing, exercise countermeasures and microbial identification. Strong connections with NHS Trusts and regional networks, significant funding and world-class laboratories. Expertise in cardiovascular research, cognitive motor function, nutrition, pharmaceutical chemistry, medical microbiology and neuroscience.

Ongoing research is funded by charities (including the British Heart FoundationDiabetes UK and Mencap), Research Councils such as MRCNIHREPSRC and the Wellcome Trust, and industry partners (including Glaxo Smith KlineUnilever and Smith and Nephew).

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Research Centre for Health: Disability, Ageing and Wellbeing

World-leading researchers and practitioners from a range of academic disciplines within the caring and enabling professions. Expertise in applied psychology, physiotherapy, nursing, and speech and language therapy addressing public health challenges including communication impairment, learning disabilities, mental health, musculoskeletal disorders, respiratory disease, substance misuse and ageing.

Ongoing research is funded by a range of funding streams including the National Institute for Health Research, the Alzheimer’s SocietyMedical Research Council and THET Partnership for Global Health.

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Health, Exercise and Active Living Research Centre

Researchers in exercise and physiology use world-leading methods and outstanding facilities to reverse the adverse effects of lifestyle factors on human muscle, tendon, nerve and bone function. Psycho-physiologists develop interventions for conditions associated with motor disorders and biomechanical specialists support the success of the GB Paralympic swimming team and other elite athletes. 

Ongoing research is funded by charities and other agencies including including MOVEAGE, the Brazilian GovernmentUK Sport, British Swimming, the NIHR, the Leverhulme Trust and Parkinsons UK Monitoring.

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Research Centre for Social Change: Community Wellbeing

Critical psychologists and social change practitioners are recognised for the world-leading quality of co-produced research that addresses real issues facing vulnerable individuals, communities and society. We are the worldwide publication leader for critical disability research and host expertise in safeguarding and critical professional practice and substance use and addictive behaviours. 

Ongoing research is funded by charities and other agencies including Alcohol Research UKThomas Pocklington Trust and Public Health England. We also currently have three regional partnerships with local authorities in Greater Lancashire and the East Midlands and the North East for the forth cohort of Step Up to Social Work programme, which is due to complete in summer 2018.

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