Science and Engineering

Our science makes the planet a safer and more sustainable place.

Manchester Metropolitan scientists are carrying out world-leading research to support the development of new applications and technology that can help solve some of the biggest challenges of our time. Electrical engineers have developed devices that use radio waves to combat the security threat from concealed weapons such as knives and guns.

Computer scientists are pioneering technology to speed up the diagnosis of degenerative eye disease such as glaucoma. Mathematical modellers have received more than £10 million from the EPSRC to work in partnership with other UK universities on the SUPERGEN programme, developing renewable energy solutions from wind and wave power. Climate scientists were lead authors on a report on aviation emissions for the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) which was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 2007. They continue to advise international governments, the European Commission and the UK Department for Transport on ways to fight the adverse effects of climate change from aviation.

Engineering and Materials Research Centre

With world-leading publications in sensing and imaging, bioengineering, surface engineering, electrochemistry (including graphene) and advanced materials we support a diverse portfolio of engineering research. Applications include communication systems, security screening, rail and vehicle technology and sustainable power generation. Considerable impact has been achieved in concealed threat detection and we are in the top 10 UK universities for KTPs.

Ongoing research is funded by the EPSRCInnovate UKUK Government, as well as a number of large companies and SMEs either through KTPs or direct grants.

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Environmental Science Research Centre

Fundamental and applied research that informs the international understanding of Earth, environmental and ecological systems. Research focuses on the biological, chemical and physical processes that govern the sustainability of Earth systems and ecosystems and the impacts of climatic and environmental change. Collaboration is a strength exemplified through internationally excellent research in aviation policy.

Our research is funded by a range of external sponsors, including EPSRCNERC, the Department for Transport, the EU and British Council as well as NGOs and industrial partners. The Centre has strong pan-European and international links with China, Eastern and Southern Africa, Indonesia and South America.  

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Informatics Research Centre

We aim to be one of the UK’s leading centres for applied computer science, targeting high-impact interdisciplinary research in healthcare, security and urbanisation. We have world-leading impact in healthcare technology and take an open and collaborative approach to developing solutions. We host groups in Intelligent Systems, Future Networks and Distributed Systems, Interactive Systems, and Complex Systems.

Recent and ongoing work is supported by funding from the EUthe UK Research Councils (EPSRC and BBSRC) and the Royal Academy of Engineering. We are also a leading unit within MMU in terms of collaboration with industry and have several ongoing Knowledge Transfer Partnerships (KTPs).

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Our Research