We are a ‘partner of choice’ in high-profile national and international projects that are making a vital contribution to the development of economic and social impacts. Thirty-eight percent of articles over the past five years include collaboration with international partners and one in five of our research outputs involve another UK university.

We have worked with eight hundred and seventy five universities over the last five years including seven hundred and sixteen international and world-leading institutes such as Cornell, Purdue (USA), Melbourne, Sydney (Australia), Karolinska Institutet (Sweden), Universidade de Sao Paulo (Brazil) and UK universities such as Oxford, Cambridge. UCL, Imperial and Edinburgh.

Healthcare Scientists are partners in the €6 million EU MOVE-AGE project with KU Leuven and Amsterdam funding fifty international PhD students to find solutions for the loss of mobility in ageing.

Mathematical modellers have secured more than £10 million over the last 10 years to investigate alternative sources of renewable energy alongside Bath, Edinburgh, Hull, Lancaster, Manchester, Oxford, Plymouth and Queen’s Belfast.

International business Professor Heinz Tuselmann partners with Copenhagen Business School, Groningen University, Berlin School of Economics and Law, Hamburg University and Trinity College Dublin on projects related to multi-national inward investment and labour participation.

Sociologist Professor Gary Pollock plays a major big role in the €7.9 million EU funded MYPLACE consortium bringing 16 universities together to explore young people’s social participation. ESRI is a founder member of ICARE (International Centres for Applied Research in Education) with Deakin (Aus), Illinois (USA) and UEA (UK).

The network now includes researchers from Charles Sturt (Aus), Appalacian State, New York State and Oregon (USA). Professor Melanie Tebbutt is working with Birmingham and Nottingham Universities on AHRC funded research to commemorate experiences of World War I. We are leaders of the Practice as Research Consortium North West which includes fourteen regional universities supporting postgraduate students and early career researchers in the development of art and design research methodologies.

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