Annual PGR Conference

Our students design and run their own national postgraduate conference

Each year, a committee of current students are invited to design and deliver a major national postgraduate research conference.

12th Annual PGR Conference - 4 March 2020

The 2020 Conference Committee had their first meeting in July 2019, and are now busy planning their event. A call for abstracts will be circulated in Autumn 2019 for you to put forward your work to present.

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The 2019 conference took place on 6 March 2019 and focused on the theme, Risks and Beyond!

Risk is inherent in all aspects of life, from making everyday decisions to hypothesising new ideas for the benefit of the wider community. These risks assess the limits of humanity’s knowledge, challenge creative thinking and push boundaries beyond our wildest imagination.

Manchester Metropolitan University welcomed multidisciplinary works that discussed research risks, uncertainties, and the future work sprouting from the risks taken. The day focused on discussions around:

The 2018 conference brought together researchers from across the country to discuss 'Provoking Discourse'. The following video captures highlights from the day:

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