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Researchfish is a Research Outcomes System designed to enable researchers to report once across multiple funders, and to re-use their data. A researcher, or one of their delegates, must add and attribute outcomes to awards they hold, before submitting to their funders.

As of 2015 over 90 research funders including any research that is funded by RCUK research councils (AHRC, BBSRC, EPSRC, MRC, NERC, STFC) will require research outcomes to be submitted to them as part of the terms and conditions of the grant. Previously researchers may have been asked to use different systems to record and submit this information to their funders but now there is one central system – Researchfish.

If you have not used Researchfish before we recommend visiting the Researchfish webpages for tutorial videos, regular webinars and FAQs.

Researchfish will email the Principal Investigator of an awarded grant if the funder of that grant uses Researchfish. It is the PI’s responsibility to record the outcomes and submit the outcomes via Researchfish to the funder. Outcomes can only be submitted to the funder during a submission period.

All UK Research Councils (as well as a number of other funders, such as CRUK) are imposing sanctions from 2016 onwards for those who do not complete a full Researchfish report, resulting in no future payments on existing grants and no further grant applications being accepted if a return is not completed. RCUK also publishes Researchfish returns on Gateway to Research, giving greater exposure to researchers’ work. The information returned is also used to shape future funding opportunities, generate case studies and, crucially, to make the case to BIS for continued funding of the research areas that RCUK covers.

All students directly funded by RCUK are being asked to report their outcomes via Researchfish in the 2016 collection: 6th February – 16th March 2017. Login details will have been provided directly from Researchfish to all current RCUK funded students, as well as those RCUK-funded students who finished their PhD in the last year. (Students who are in their first year of study at the time of the data collection period are excluded from the exercise.) Studentship outcomes data should be provided throughout the studentship and for up to three years beyond graduation.

There is a chat function within Researchfish if you need assistance as well as tutorial webinars and FAQs. Alternatively, please contact Research Development.

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