Funding Schemes

Funding available to develop high-quality research, impact and business engagement

The Research and Knowledge Exchange Directorate oversees a comprehensive portfolio of internal funding that underpins the ambitions of the University’s Research and Knowledge Exchange Strategy.

Over the next 12 months, we will be investing over £300,000 into researchers who are looking to progress their careers through the development of high-quality research, the achievement of impact and/or engagement with business and external partners.

The deadline for these schemes has now closed. However we are still accepting applications for the Business Engagement Seed Fund and the IGF Small Awards which have a rolling deadline, and the PVC RKE Prizes where nominations close on the 23rd November.

Please note: 

Final Report - Internal Funding Awards

Final Report - Innovation and Industrial Engagement


Funding for research development

The Research(er) Development Fund aims to grow the University’s research capability by providing support for:

  • Research accelerator grants (up to £5,000)
  • Research development fellowships (up to £4,000) 
  • International networks (up to £5,000) 
  • International visiting researchers (up to £3,000)‌

Research(er) Development Fund Application Form 2018/19

Research(er) Development Fund Guidance


Funding for research impact

The Impact Generator Fund (IGF) aims to maximise impacts arising from high quality research conducted at the University providing support for:

  • Flexible awards for impact (up to £10,000)
  • Small awards for impact (up to £1,000)
  • Public Engagement (up to £5,000)

Impact Generator Fund Flexible Awards

Impact Generator Fund Small Awards

Public Engagement Fellowships

Funding for business engagement

These funds aim to encourage innovative knowledge exchange projects with businesses by providing support for:

  • Business Engagement Seed Funding (up to £2000)
  • Innovation and Industrial Engagement (up to £40,000)
  • SME Engagement (up to £5,000)


Business Engagement Seed Fund (up to £2000)

Business Engagement Seed Fund application form 2018/19

Business Engagement Seed Fund guidance 2018/19

Innovation and Industrial Engagement Fund (up to £40k)

Innovation and Industrial Engagement application form 2018/19

Innovation and Industrial Engagement Guidance Final 2018/19

SME and Other Engagement Fund (up to £5000)

SME application form 2018/19

SME Fund Guidance 2018/19

PVC RKE Prizes

Nominations will be invited from Heads of University Centres for Research and Knowledge Exchange for individuals and teams who have demonstrated outstanding performance in one of the following areas:

  • Early Career Researcher of the year
  • PVC RKE Impact Prize
  • PVC RKE Business Engagement Prize

The nomination deadline will be on the 23rd November with prizes awarded at a celebration event in December. For further details you should contact your relevant Head of University Centre for Research and Knowledge Exchange or Faculty Head of RKE.

PVC RKE prizes overview and guidelines

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