Our centre will speed up the research and development of carbon-neutral hydrogen fuel cells for small and medium enterprises.

The Manchester Fuel Cell Innovation Centre (MFCIC) will house the latest equipment for SMEs to develop hydrogen fuel cells to create green and emission-free energy, powering everything from our homes to our cars.

Making the next generation of fuel cells a reality

These high-tech fuel cells convert hydrogen into water and oxygen to produce electricity, resulting in clean and efficient electricity. The cells create an electrochemical reaction in which hydrogen-rich fuel combines with oxygen to form water. 

The stored hydrogen needs to be produced using electricity. Using renewable energy sources, the fuel cells are carbon-neutral and emission free. If hydrogen is produced using fossil fuels, the resulting emissions are still lower due to greater efficiency and the lack of combustion.

Supporting businesses in the region and beyond

The £4 million centre will support all aspects of getting a technology product to market. As well as sharing our research expertise, we'll be supporting companies to accelerate testing, prototyping, scaling up for industry and creating routes to market. Hydrogen fuel cells are already in production, but new technologies and strategies can bring greater cost savings, efficiency and accelerate growth in the industry.

Utilising the latest technology and research

We'll be exploring cutting-edge technology for next-generation energy storage, including nanomaterials and 3D printing. Much of the work is already going on within the Faculty, such as the 3D printing of graphene batteries for energy storage.

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This project is funded by the European Union Development Fund (ERDF).