Fun with Robots

Suitable for Years 5 or 6

There will be an introduction for pupils to the schools’ robotic dog AIBO and the Nao robot. The talk will show pupils what robots can do now. There will also be discussions about the future of robotics and examples of how mathematics is heavily involved. 

PopMaths Quiz

Suitable for Years 7 - 11

Using a pub quiz format that 
everyone can get involved in,
 our PopMaths quiz is designed for 
school children in Year 7-11 and will 
test students’ knowledge and skills in mathematics, as well as how well they work together as a team, under timed conditions.

School teams take part in two different year groups, Year 7-9 and Year 10-11. Each team may have up to 6 students. There are 20 mathematical questions/problems to be solved, which will draw upon participants knowledge of algebra, statistics, probability and so on.

The quiz is followed by a public lecture, which families are strongly encouraged to attend with their children.

This event will take place during the Faculty Science Week.