We often present talks to schools and colleges.

Examples of our previous talks are listed below, and we're always interested in speaking at schools.

Contact us if you're interested in us coming to speak to your students.

Computing talks

Genesis Machines: The New Science of Biocomputing

The next generation of computers are coming - and they're like nothing we've ever seen.

How to Be a Computer Scientist (and Why You Should Want to Be)

Understand what it is Computer Scientists do in this accessible talk.





3D Graphics for Computer Games

A look at how Computer Graphics are generated in todays most popular games





Mathematics talks

What is Mathematics?

What kind of mathematics is studied at university and what are the applications?

Making Waves

Extreme waves at the seaside cause damage and risk to life

The Mathematics of the Brain

The human brain is made up of over a trillion individual cells called neurones

Fun with robots

 A talk for primary school pupils and a chance to meet AIBO – the school's robot dog.

Brain Inspired Computing

 A simple invention by Manchester Met mathematicians could lead to a paradigm shift in computing.