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Department of Sociology

Una Hosey

“I returned to Manchester Met because of my familiarity with the university, my satisfaction with the tutors, and the award of a scholarship to pursue my studies.”
About My Degree

I chose to come to Manchester Met for my degree because I needed an accessible university to enable to me to continue to work full time and attend daytime lectures. I returned to the university for my MA because of my familiarity with it, my satisfaction with the tutors, and the award of a scholarship to pursue my studies.

The university was most accommodating and non-judgemental about my age and lack of official qualifications, there was flexibility in allowing some limited attendance at lectures, and guidance given – on more than one occasion – by the course leader and dissertation supervisor, both of whom were always contactable. I was also a member of the MA study group and still meet some of the other former members who were mature students.

I am interested in lecturing or providing consultancy to police forces, but this has proved difficult due to my age. Instead, I undertake freelance training work, sit as a magistrate, am involved in writing a script for a local film and I’m considering conducting further academic research, including possibly completing a PhD.

What is your top tip for other students looking to study this course at Manchester Metropolitan University?

Be prepared to work individually. Take control of your own progress. Speak to your tutors regularly and voice any concerns that you may have in a timely fashion. 

Please complete this sentence: ‘I’m inspired by…’

The thirst for knowledge and the realisation that it is accessible, which was not the case in my younger years.

What do you love about Manchester Met?

The people – the tutors, students and support staff. Everyone is helpful and friendly. This makes studying a joy, particularly when feeling weary or demoralised, as happens on long study courses.

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