Mark Robson

About Mark Robson


I am Purchasing Director at a European Manufacturing Company, a coach and mentor within this organisation, and a post-graduate research student. I have more than thirty years business experience across the brewing, food, and detergent industries.

As a coach I typically work with between 3 and 5 colleagues from across my organisation at any one time. I have also acted as a mentor to a small number of external clients. I regard myself as a relational coach (after De Haan), meaning that for me the relationship formed between coach and coachee is the key vehicle through which the coaching is achieved. For me coaching is a conversational journey, rather than a process built using specific tools.

I have a Masters degree in coaching and mentoring from Sheffield Hallam University, and am currently working on a PhD at York St John University. My PhD research interest is in ‘being’ an internal coach within the organisational context, a challenge close to my heart! My home, and office, are in Manchester.

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