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Dr. Fiona Creaby, Personal Leadership to Shape, Inspire & Develop

Fiona specialises in leadership development and business management and has over 15 years of management experience in non-profit and public sector contexts including state schools, NGOs and social enterprise charities. As a senior lecturer, HEA Fellow, and business leadership consultant, her research interests include leadership development, organisational governance, sociocultural theory and identity studies.

After almost a decade as a business manager in a variety of non-profit settings, Fiona first joined Manchester Metropolitan University in 2010 as a course leader for business management programmes in the Faculty of Education. She then spent time working in Australia for a social enterprise charity whilst undertaking her doctoral research in leadership development. Fiona returned to UK academia an associate lecturer in 2016 teaching on degree apprenticeship and postgraduate courses at The University of Manchester (Institute of Education), Nottingham Trent University Business School, and Manchester Metropolitan University. In 2018, Fiona became a senior lecturer in leadership and management in the Faculty of Business and Law at Manchester Metropolitan University where she teaches on executive education programmes including the Master of Sport Directorship (MSD) and the Master of Business Administration (MBA).

Fiona participates in the Decent Work and Productivity research platform at Manchester Metropolitan University and is actively involved in researching business leadership in state schools and undertakes consultancy work with professional bodies, NGOs, government departments and training providers.

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