jiu jitsu


Jiu Jitsu is a practical self-defence martial art that uses locks, strikes, throws and holds to immobilize your opponent. The club’s style originates from unarmed combat techniques used by the Samurai so they use traditional techniques and training weapons like wooden swords, with a modern day element such as learning to defend from plastic bottles and rubber knives.

They learn to use their opponents’ strength against them so Jiu Jitsu can work for men and women of all shapes and sides.

BUCS level

The team take part as individuals in the annual BUCS competition in Sheffield.

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For more details on joining this club, please email us at sportclubs@mmu.ac.uk.

Our sport staff

Coaches and support staff

Members receive three hours of coaching per week by Ian Cordova

Our sport facilities

Training facilities and times

The club trains at Birley Sports Hall 


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