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Student Sport Clubs

Whether you want to enjoy sport for the fun of it, play competitively or discover friendships, sports clubs are a brilliant way to immerse yourself in university life. 

We have over 60 student-led sports clubs at MMU, and many are open to all levels and abilities.  Find your club on The Union website or speak to them to set up a new one. Keep an eye on clubs' social media or contact the club directly for more information. You can join our sports clubs at any time through The Union's sport clubs website.  You can also sign up to any club at The Opportunities Office in The Union at any time.  

How much does it cost?

All sports clubs have membership fees that you must pay to join. Fees vary from club-to-club, ask the club you're interested in for more info. 

What is the difference between a trial and a taster session?

Some clubs ask that you attend a trial because there is huge demand to play for the team(s). And if it’s been a while since you have played or you’re new to the sport, some clubs have a taster session so you can try things out and get to know club members before you commit. 

Trials are run by clubs because they have multiple teams or high levels of interest. They allow coaches to hold an open selection process, typically involving drills and match-based activities.  

Taster sessions are activity-based sessions that are open for the first couple of weeks of term so you can try out sports. They are free and open to everyone. Find out when they're taking place by opening the Give Sport a Go timetable below. 

Give Sport a go Timetable 

What do I need to bring along to a trial or taster session?

Just bring along appropriate clothing and footwear - and if you're taking part in an outdoor sport, please remember to consider the Mancunian weather! If you need equipment then contact the club through their website. 

Tell me more about BUCS

Joining a sports clubs gives you the opportunity to compete alongside 100,000 students and 4,000 teams in BUCS competitions, leagues and events - competition usually takes place on Wednesday afternoons.

BUCS is the national governing body for University sport in the UK. Manchester Metropolitan University joins almost 170 other UK higher education institutions to compete in BUCS across 52 different sports.

For more information visit the BUCS website.