Q&A with Fitness Instructor Tim

Tim gives us his answers on everything fitness related

Fitness Q&A

Fitness Instructor Tim

We sat down with Platt Lane duty officer Tim to ask him questions on anything and everything related to his health and fitness journey! Including his personal experiences, what it is that he loves about being in the gym and his secret tips and tricks!

Tim has a wealth of experience in the fitness field and brings his extensive knowledge to us here at Platt Lane.

Why did you get into fitness?

“I have always loved being active. Since I was young I have always filled my time with different activities and have probably tried every sport you can think of! After leaving University I did not know what path I wanted to take however I knew that I wanted to be involved in something I love and also where I can change people’s health and fitness journey”.


What’s your favourite thing to train in the gym?

“Cardio! Cardiovascular workouts do not have to be 1 hour on the cross-trainer or running until your legs give up. For me it’s all about raising my heart rate and sweating whether that’s with weights or any other piece of kit”.


What would you recommend for people looking to get into going to the gym?

“Just do it! It doesn’t matter what your reason is, whether it’s weight loss, strength gain or just for enjoyment, and just go for it and have fun doing it. I see so many people come for one session, get the formidable fitness bug and then I end up seeing them in the gym every night! If your nervous about joining or aren’t one hundred percent sure exactly what you’re doing, just ask an instructor, I can speak on behalf of all the team here that we’d be more than happy to help out whatever questions you have”.


What motivates you in the gym?

“Don’t get me wrong, I’m not always full of motivation and racing to get in the gym, but I think my main motivation comes from the mental benefits! After I exercise I feel better and not just about myself but it puts a positive spin on everything around me, you could say I exercise to remain sane”.


Favourite healthy recipe?

“I’m not the best of chefs, but I can make a few healthy meals. I’d have to say my favourite is salmon with brown rice, green beans and spinach. I’ve pretty much mastered that meal now! It tastes great and has everything you need in a meal, plenty of protein, carbohydrates and fibre!”


Favourite cheat meal?

“Pepperoni Pizza! I live by the saying everything in moderation, so it’s important not to restrict yourself too much and not feel guilty for enjoying a meal you love, so yes it’s fine to have a Pizza once in a while!”

How does your personal workout routine look?

“I like to try and stick to a routine as I find it the easiest and most motivational way to get yourself in the gym. On Mondays, I’ll start the week by sweating away the weekend cheat meal with cardio and compound exercises. Wednesdays I focus on upper body strength training, so cable flyes, dumbbell press, bicep curls and tricep dips all get a mention here. Friday is more cardio! And on Saturday I’ll usually play football or badminton with my friends. Tuesdays, Thursdays and Sundays are well-needed rest days. It doesn’t need to be that much though, if you don’t have the time and struggle to juggle exercise around everything, just one or two sessions a week is better than nothing and still offers great benefits!”

What is the best thing about Platt Lane?

“Platt Lane is a great place to come and workout. We offer a friendly and warm environment where anyone is welcome to join! We have top of the range equipment in the gym and plenty of choice for everyone and every exercise. And of course the staff are very helpful and more than willing to give advice on whatever it is that you need a hand with. Also with all the facilities here it is brilliant to get involved in all types of sports and not just the gym”.


What is your top tip in fitness?

“Love your training! It sounds obviously but from my experience, I’ve seen that people get the best results when they love what they’re doing! As well as this, most people don’t realise the mental health benefits of exercise and being healthy, and when your body is healthy, so is your mind”.

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