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Staying active isn't all about playing sport. If fitness classes are more your thing then we've got you covered.

Our health and fitness programme caters for all abilities and offers all-time favourites such as yoga and boxercise alongside women’s only sessions and opportunities for group personal training and nutritional advice. 

Download the timetable below to view fitness classes at Sugden Sports Centre and Platt Lane or use the A-Z to find your favourite - including our Active Campus free sessions.

Gym Class Timetable 2018


A-Z Fitness classes

Abs Blast

Short and sweat-y.  A fun-packed 25 minutes designed to tone, build and strengthen the abdominal muscles.


Thursday         18:20-18:45     Platt Lane Sports Complex


This fun class combines aerobic exercise with stretching to develop your flexibility, strength and cardiovascular fitness.


Friday              17:15-18:15     Sugden Sports Centre


This class provides a mix of strength and cardiovascular exercises, focusing on calisthenics and military-style drills to develop your stamina, strength and cardiovascular fitness.   


Monday           9:30-10:30       Platt Lane Sports Complex

Thursday         9:30-10:30       Platt Lane Sports Complex

Thursday         18:00-19:00     Brooks Building (FREE)


Get punching fit! This session combines boxing techniques with strength and conditioning exercises for a whole body pump. Develops strength, stamina and overall fitness level.


Wednesday     17:00-18:00     Student’s Union (FREE)


Box Fit

Combines a range of boxing techniques to get your heart racing, leaving you energised. Includes skipping, boxing, footwork and abdominal work. Improves overall wellbeing, strength and conditioning.


Monday           17:30-18:30     Platt Lane Sports Complex (FREE)

Tuesday           7:15-8:15        Sugden Sports Centre

Thursday         12:15-13:15     Sugden Sports Centre

Sunday            12:15-13:15     Sugden Sports Centre


Intense workout for immense results. This high-energy class offers interval training, focusing on developing your strength, stamina and endurance.


Thursday         17:15-18:15     Sugden Sports Centre

Core Stability

A low-impact class that uses a range of equipment and your own body weight to develop a stronger core and improved posture.


Friday              13:15-13:45     Sugden Sports Centre

Core Zone

A short, intense session using a variety of exercises that focuses on strengthening the abdominal muscles.


Monday           19:20-19:40     Platt Lane Sports Complex

Express Yoga (mat work)

This session is suitable for any level of fitness and offers the blend of balance, strength and flexibility in a social setting. Focuses on mat work.


Monday           12:30-13:00     Student’s Union (FREE)

Friday              12:30-13:00     Student’s Union (FREE)

Express Yoga (stand and stretch)

This session is suitable for any level of fitness and offers the blend of balance, strength and flexibility in a social setting. Focuses on standing and stretching.


Monday           13:00-13:30     Student’s Union (FREE)

Friday             13:00-13:30     Student’s Union (FREE)

F.I.T (females in training) Ab Attack

This women’s only class focuses on toning and strengthening the abdominal muscles through intervals of strength & conditioning exercises.


Tuesday           18:30-19:00     Brooks Building (FREE)

F.I.T (females in training) Legs and bums

Females In Training. This women’s only class focuses on sculpting and shaping the legs and glutes through compound and plyometric exercises.


Tuesday           18:00-18:30     Brooks Building (FREE)


F.I.T (females in training) Weights

This women’s only class is an intense whole body workout with the use of weightlifting. It is designed to improve your strength, conditioning and overall fitness level.


Thursday         17:00-18:00     Sugden Sports Centre (FREE)


Designed to help you improve your strength and balance by stimulating common muscles and movements you use in everyday life.


Tuesday           12:15-13:15    Sugden Sports Centre            

H.I.I.T (High Intensity Interval Training)

This class focuses on alternating short periods of intense anaerobic exercise with less intense recovery periods. Perfect for toning up and progressing your fitness level.


Wednesday     7:45-8:15         Platt Lane Sports Complex

Thursday         19:00-19:40     Platt Lane Sports Complex                 


H.I.R.T (High Intensity Resistance Training)

This class focuses on short periods of intense strength exercises with less intense recovery periods. Allows you to maintain and build muscle whilst burning fat!


Tuesday           18:00-18:45     Platt Lane Sports Complex

Jogging Club

Led by one of our Run Leaders, the jogging club is ideal for people who want to run as part of a group setting in a friendly environment. Suitable for any level of fitness.


Thursday         16:45-17:30     All Saints Park (FREE)

Legs and Bums

A full aerobic workout designed to strengthen and tone up your legs, bum and stomach. Designed for those who want to improve fitness levels, build strength or lose weight.


Tuesday           18:45-19:30     Platt Lane Sports Complex

Friday              18:45-19:45     Platt Lane Sports Complex

Les Mills Body Attack

A high-energy fitness class suitable for all levels of fitness. Combines running, jumping and lunging with strength exercises such as push up and squats.


Monday           16:15-17:15     Sugden Sports Centre

Les Mills Body Pump

An intense total body workout, perfect for beginners and advanced levels. Focusing on low weight loads and high repetition movements, this session will leave you feeling challenged and motivated. 


Friday              16:15-17:15     Sugden Sports Centre


Consisting of low-impact flexibility, muscular strength and endurance movements. Full body workout emphasizing on posture, core strength and muscle balance.


Tuesday           12:30-13:30     Student’s Union (FREE)


A high-intensity cycling workout, great for conditioning, endurance and power. Suitable for all levels with intermediate and beginner classes available.


Monday           18:30-19:15      Platt Lane Sports Complex      (intermediate)

Tuesday           09:30-10:20     Platt Lane Sports Complex      (mixed ability)

Tuesday           19:45-20:45     Platt Lane Sports Complex      (intermediate)

Thursday         17:30-18:15      Platt Lane Sports Complex      (beginners)

Friday              07:45-8:15       Platt Lane Sports Complex      (mixed ability) (FREE)

Friday              18:00-18:45     Platt Lane Sports Complex      (mixed ability)

Saturday          10:30-11:15     Platt Lane Sports Complex      (mixed ability)


Spin and Core

This is a high-intensity intermediate cycling workout combined with an intense ab workout. Focuses on developing and improving endurance, power, conditioning and core strength.


Wednesday     19:15-20:00     Platt Lane Sports Complex (intermediate)


Stretch and Relax

Low-impact class that combines traditional yoga poses with relaxation techniques. Perfect for toning up, de-stressing and improving flexibility.


Wednesday     20:10-20:45     Platt Lane Sports Complex

Tight 'n' Toned

A fun, energetic circuit that uses body weight and aerobic exercises to build strength, stamina and improve cardiovascular health & wellbeing.


Friday              9:30-10:30       Platt Lane Sports Complex

Total Body Conditioning

Exciting, intense classes that combine cardio with conditioning, for a high-energy workout improving your strength and conditioning.


Monday           12:15-13:15     Sugden Sports Centre

Wednesday     12:15-13:15     Sugden Sports Centre

Friday              12:15-13:15     Sugden Sports Centre



Features a range of exercises, from energetic full-body workouts to traditional relaxing poses. Improves strength, cardio, mood and wellbeing.


Monday           18:15-19:15     Sugden Sports Centre

Tuesday           17:15-18:15     Sugden Sports Centre

Wednesday     18:15-19:15     Sugden Sports Centre

Friday              13:45-14:15     Sugden Sports Centre


A fun aerobic fitness class featuring various styles of dance. Guaranteed to make you sweat, this class improves cardio, wellbeing and metabolism.


Wednesday     13:15-14:15     Sugden Sports Centre

Wednesday     18:00-19:00     Platt Lane Sports Complex

Thursday         18:15-19:15     Sugden Sports Centre

Thursday         17:00-18:00     Brooks Building (FREE)