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Emma Bradbury

“Themed seminars are always engaging and many have completely opened my eyes to new ideas and theories.”
About My Course

Having taught for eight years, specialising in early years for the last few years, I wanted to rediscover the passion for education I felt at the beginning of my career and to expand my knowledge.

I was impressed by the facilities at Manchester Metropolitan University, as well as very interested in the course content, its flexibility particularly in terms of following my own interests as well as recognising my professional experience and expertise.

Themed seminars are always engaging and many have completely opened my eyes to new ideas and theories. There is always plenty of opportunity for discussion, everyone's experience and opinion is valued and the ability to discuss issues with people working in different settings, sectors and stages of education is really beneficial. I like the fact that the focus is not just on theory, but on how this applies in the real world and in my own classroom.

Time management and fitting assignments, reading etc around full time work and other commitments can be challenging. There is plenty of support available though, and with a bit of organisation it is not too onerous.

The tutors on the course are fantastic. Interesting. Supportive. Challenging in the best possible way!

This course is definitely worth doing. Think carefully about what most interests you as you will have the opportunity to pursue and develop this over the course of your study. Don't be intimidated and remember that your ideas, experiences and insights are valuable. Use the wealth of student support that MMU offers.

I did not take the course as a 'next step' to management, for me it was about revitalising my practise. It has definitely done that opening my eyes to aspects of education I had not paid much attention to before, giving me new interests and avenues to pursue. I am even considering further study, not something I had anticipated previously!