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Katie McNamara

“The flexibility of courses which run on evenings and Saturdays has enabled me to study and work at the same time.”
About My Course

Having gained masters credits during my PGCE, I did not want them to go to waste. My school offered an NQT course linked to Manchester Metropolitan University where I could gain further masters credits. The Cheshire campus is ideally located close to work and offered engaging courses that I could study part-time alongside my job, in order to complete the required points for my masters qualification. The reflective practitioner module fitted in well with my role as a teacher and provided opportunities to examine up to date theorists and differing perspectives on my chosen profession.

Participating in a course that has several masters qualifications running alongside each other has given me the opportunity to look at topics in a different way, having heard the views of social workers, lecturers, data managers as well as fellow teachers. This has meant I have considered opinions and ideas with regard to my role as a professional, not just as a teacher.

The flexibility of courses which run on evenings and Saturdays has enabled me to study and work at the same time. The lecturer’s sessions were thought-provoking and engaging and it is obvious they are passionate about their role in the course offered. They provided exceptional support and made studying the course thoroughly enjoyable.

Time management is a skill I have developed further while working full-time, studying part-time and being a single parent. The level of study has required more in-depth reading than my previous qualifications, which has meant strict timescales to plan my research and assignment preparation.

This course has made me reflect more deeply on my own practice and the effects this has on my students and colleagues allowing me to focus on improving my impact in the classroom, which in turn has enabled me to develop more confidence in my role.

Completing my Masters in Education with Manchester Metropolitan University as part of my continued professional development will help me to gain further skills, which I can apply in my profession, to help me progress within education in the future.

I would advise future applicants to embrace the diversity of professionals on this course and be open to learning how principles can be applied in a variety of situations, not just your own profession.