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Michael Pryle

"Through my placement experiences I have seen such a wealth of varied teaching styles"
About My Course

I have long thought about an education-based career as my father was a teacher for 30+ years with Wigan Council and would tell the stories of his work with fondness and pride. My brothers and I would regularly chat about the education system of the country and how children are ultimately rewarded by the overall professional nature of the teaching they receive from a number of dedicated people.

One of the main reasons I applied to Manchester Met was because of the voluntary experience I gained through my local primary school. They took several trainees from the University who passed on their own experience. I was impressed by the overall support they were given and even met a couple of visiting tutors, again only to be impressed by their professionalism.

The main challenges of the PGCE have been linked to the assumptions I made pre-course regarding the nature and style of teacher I would like to become. Through my placement experiences I have seen such a wealth of varied teaching styles – some inspiring, others not, I have ultimately made the decision to try and focus on my own philosophy. There has also been a financial impact at home and family commitments to my wife and seven year old son!

As I start my first NQT year at a Manchester-based school I want to try and become a committed and experienced class teacher, a caring and dedicated member of a wonderful team – who inspires and changes the lives of young people. That’s the ideal, but I know there is a lot of hard work ahead and that there are always things that I can improve on with regards to teaching.