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Naomi Elizabeth November

“I really enjoyed the placements I was able to go on because you get a mix of three different settings and environments.”
About My Course

I knew that I wanted to go in to an educational environment from quite early on but I took a gap year whilst deciding exactly what I wanted to study at university level. During my gap year I was working as a tutor and really enjoyed it so it became an obvious step to pursue a teaching career. I chose Manchester Met initially because I was drawn to the city itself but once I had a look around the campus, it felt very welcoming and friendly so my decision was made; I also studied mathematics at A-Level so the Secondary Mathematics course appealed to me straight away.

First year was half education - half mathematics, I really enjoyed having two sets of friends in both courses and it provided me with two different perspectives, which proved beneficial for assignments.

In addition to Mathematics, I also studied Psychology and Sociology at A-Level, which I feel prepared me well for a path in education, although mathematics was my primary focus it’s complemented by my existing knowledge of how individuals learn and develop from my social science subjects. The education modules on Secondary Mathematics have furthered my knowledge of learning styles and teaching techniques; there is also a lot of practical help such as behaviour management tools and ideas for lesson starters which come into their own whilst on placement

I really enjoyed the placements I was able to go on because you get a mix of three different settings and environments. My second placement was within a SEN secondary school, which was interesting because it’s so specialist. I observed a teacher whilst at the school that held a class of nine boys all of whom had individual special needs; I was so impressed whilst with the relationship he had built with the students and his calm nature during classes. This was an inspiring moment for me; his teaching style is exactly what I’d aim to replicate with my students.

I have a personal tutor whilst on placement who is really helpful and is always on hand should I need any extra support. The mathematics academics are also always happy to offer their assistance to work through anything I’m finding particularly challenging.