17 January 2019

PGCE Final Placement School-based Training 2018/19

Dear Headteacher/Professional Mentor,

PGCE Final Placement School-based Training 2018/19

Thank you very much for offering to accommodate one or more of our PGCE trainee teachers for their School-based Training. Please find attached:

the name(s) of your student(s) with their DBS details
a letter giving you further information about the PGF placement and training for class mentors (information regarding local class briefings will follow)

Please note that some students DBS certificates are still being processed, as soon as we have received this we will pass this information to you. If it has not been received before the placement commences, then on their first day the student will bring a letter issued by MMU confirming that the student has been ‘List 99’ checked. Until the students certificate is received it is standard practice that the student is not left unaccompanied with the children.

The placement documentation will be uploaded before the start of the placement onto the Partnership website.

In the meantime thank you for the invaluable support and guidance you give to our students. If you have any questions or wish to make additional offers then please contact the Placements Office on 0161 247 2811, or e-mail primaryplacements@mmu.ac.uk

Kind Regards,

Placements Administrator