Teaching Experience Interim & Final Report 2019-20
2019-2020 PGCE Primary School Direct Calendar
2019-2020 PGCE Primary School Direct Handbook
Attendance Record
BA1 Briefing for Class Mentors
BA1 Placement Specific Booklet 2019-20
BA1 Teaching Experience Report 19-20
BA3 Class Mentor Briefing
BA3 Placement Specific Handbook
Behaviour Management Portfolio
Behaviour Management Report‌
Bilingual Portfolio
Context for early mathematics PDAs and focused RoLOs
Context for early reading and phonics PDAs
Contextual Analysis PDA
Early Years Activity Plan
Early Years continuous provision plan
Early Years weekly activity plan
Educational Excellence Everywhere
Grading Criteria
Intervention Support Plan
ITT Criteria - Supporting Advice
KS1 and KS2 lesson planning template
KS1 and KS2 planning template
KS1 and KS2 weekly planning template
KS3 visit PD activity
Mathematics PDAs
Mathematics RoLO 2019-20
Mentor Standards Report
Models & Images
Paired Placement Guidance
PGA Class Mentor Briefing PPT
PGA Placement Handbook 2019-20
PGA Student Brieifing
Phonics RoLO
Placement Induction Checklist
Primary Teacher Training Agreement Letter 2019-20
Primary Teacher Training Programme Guidance 2019-20
Reading & Phonics PG PDAs
Record of Lesson Observation (RoLO)
RoLO Example
Safeguarding Compliance for Schools 2019
Student Services - Contact Details
Student Travel Claim form 19-20
TE Report 2019-20 (BA2, BA3, PG)
Teaching Experience Action Plan
Teaching Experience Calendar
Teaching Experience Handbook 19-20
Travel procedures 19-20
Ucet and NASBTT DBS Guidance May 2019
Weekly Review and Reflection