2015 Initial teacher education inspection handbook - Sept 2015
Additional adult communication and feedback sheet
Additional Adult Communication and Feedback template
At Risk Action Plan
Attendance form (SP6)
BA1 SBT briefing for class mentors and UVTs
BA1 SBT Handbook 2018-19
BA2 Paired Placement Guidance
BA2 SBT Handbook
BA3 Class Mentor Briefing
BA3 SBT Handbook 2018-19
Behaviour Management Observation Prompts
Behaviour Management Report‌
Changes to Primary PGCE and BA
Class Mentor Briefing
Code of professional conduct
Context for early mathematics PDAs and focused RoLOs
Contextual Analysis Guidance
Data protection whilst on placement
DBS Information
DBS Procedure Letter for Schools 2018
Early Reading and Phonics Tasks 2018-19
Early Reading and Phonics Tasks Overview
Educational Excellence Everywhere
Eliminating unnecessary workload around data management
Eliminating unnecessary workload around marking
Eliminating unnecessary workload around planning and teaching
Example KS1+2 planning template
Example RoLO
Example SBT Action Plan
Example SBT report 18-19
Example weekly planning for EYFS template
EYFS Adult-led guided activity planning proforma
EYFS Observation of Adult-Led Activity
Grade 3 Needs Support Proforma
ITT Criteria - Supporting Advice
Keeping children safe
Keeping children safe in education
KS1 and KS2 planning template
Lesson Study Activity Observation Proforma
Manchester Met DBS Policy and Procedure
Mathematics Record of Lesson Observation (RoLO)
Mathematics RoLO 2018-19
Memorandum of Understanding for schools (non School Direct)
Mentor Standards Report
November '18 Mentor Network and Review meeting
Observation of children and adults - proforma and sample 2018-19
Observing a lesson for your CPD
Observing a lesson for your professional development
Observing a P.E. lesson
Observing a PE lesson
Paired and Pod Placement Guidance
Paired Placement Guidance
PG1 Class Mentor Briefing
PG1 Mathematics RoLO Guidance
PG1 Paired Placement GRID RoLO
PG1 SBT Handbook 2018-19
PGCE Primary Final Placement Handbook (PGF) 2019
PGCE Primary School Direct Handbook 2018-19
PGCE SD SBT Report 2018-19
PGCE SD SBT Report Completed Example
PGF Summary for Class Mentors 2019
Phonics planners
Phonics Record of Lesson Observation (RoLO) - Phase 1
Phonics Record of Lesson Observation (RoLO) - Phase 2
Phonics RoLO Phase 1
Phonics RoLO Phases 2-6
Planning for continuous provision in EYFS
Planning for EYFS Continuous Provision
Planning for EYFS Group Activity
Primary Grading Criteria
Primary Grading Criteria
Primary SBT Report
Record of Lesson Observation (RoLO)
Record of Lesson Observation (RoLO)
SBT Action Plan
SBT Calendar 2018-19
SBT Cause for Concern Proforma
SBT Mentor and Tutor Handbook 2018-19
SBT Report 2018-19
SBT Report 2018-19
SEND Inclusion Experience Guide
Student Insurance Information
Student self-evaluation of Professional and Personal Conduct
Student Travel Claim form 18-19
Teacher observation - proforma and sample 2018-19
The Teacher Role PDAs
Timetable template (SP2)
Travel procedures 18-19
UCET DBS June 2015
UVT Training 24.9.18
Visit Requirements & QA Form
Weekly Review and Reflection
Weekly Review and Reflection 2018-19