This is where you can find the forms you will need to submit an Exceptional Factors claim, Appeal or Complaint. For more guidance on these, please see our Guidance for Students page.
The Students Union will also be able to provide you with free independent advice.

What do you need a form for? Form Guidance
Academic Appeal

Academic Appeals Form

Academic Appeals
Appeal Against Withdrawal Withdrawal Appeal Form Appeals Against Withdrawal
Complaint Complaints Form Student Complaints Procedure

Exceptional Factors Claim

Exceptional Factors Form Exceptional Factors Guidance


How do I submit my form?

Academic Appeals & Complaints

Exceptional Factors

Please submit your completed form and any evidence to your Student Hub.
You can do this either in person or by email, and you will be provided with a receipt. 

Find your nearest student hub

Alternatively, you can email Academic Appeals & Complaints forms only to the Student Case Management team at:

Post: Student Case Management Team
Room 2.01 New Business School
All Saints Campus
M15 6BH

Please submit your completed form and full evidence to:


What are the deadlines for submitting a form?

Exceptional Factors

You should, where possible, submit an Exceptional Factors claim before your coursework submission deadline or exam. If you submit a claim after a coursework deadline, you may not be provided with an extension and instead the only remedy available may be a resubmission in the next assessment period.

The final deadline for submitting an Exceptional Factors claim will be 21 days after the publication of your results following the Assessment Board.


The sooner you raise a complaint, the easier it is for the University to investigate.
You are expected to make an informal complaint within 1 month of the incident giving rise to the complaint. If you wish to make a formal complaint you must do so within 3 months of the incident.
If you have left the University, or have recently graduated, you should make a formal complaint within 3 calendar months of your registration ending. Complaints submitted after this deadline are only considered in exceptional circumstances.

Academic Appeals

Grounds for Appeal Deadline
Against Exceptional Factors decision Within 21 days of receiving your Exceptional Factors decision
Against Academic Misconduct decision Within 21 days of receiving your Academic Misconduct decision
Material Irregularity After you have received your results from the assessment board. You must submit an Appeal within 21 days of receiving your results 
Against Withdrawal decision Within 7 days of the date of your Withdrawal letter

Any Appeals submitted after the deadline may not be considered. If your Appeal is late, you must clearly explain the reasons why you have not submitted it on time. If these reasons are not considered reasonable reasons for a delay, your Appeal will not be considered.

If you need any further help or advice in completing these forms the Students Union offer free impartial advice:

Your Advice Centre, the Union - MMU can provide impartial advice on submitting an Academic Appeal.

Tel: 0161 247 6533




If you would like further information or have any questions about any stage of these procedures, you can contact the Student Case Management Team:

Tel: 0161 247 1095