‌What is the Student Code of Conduct?

The Student Code of Conduct sets out the standard of conduct the University expects of its students so that everyone can undertake their studies in a supportive and non-threatening environment. Any behaviour that affects the safety or well-being of students or staff is regarded as misconduct.

The University also works hard to build good relationships with its local communities. It works with residents’ associations, local representatives and the police in order to help make Manchester Met campuses and the surrounding areas safe and friendly environments to live in. Any behaviour that damages these relationships is regarded as misconduct.

What are the penalties for breaking the Code?

For misconduct, penalties might include a fine, a compulsory course or working to support the local community. For serious misconduct, you can be suspended from University or even expelled. If you live in Halls and commit serious misconduct, or persistent lower level misconduct, you may have to move out.

Where next?

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