What is Mediation?

Manchester Met has a pool of trained mediators that may be able to help resolve complaints or other disagreements and problems at an early stage.

Students can request mediation at any time they have a complaint or dispute. Mediation can often successfully resolve any issues quickly and effectively without students having to resort to submitting a complaint through the formal complaints procedure, although the mediation service can be used at any time, including after submitting a formal complaint.

University mediators are entirely neutral and will not ‘take sides’.

How does it work?

If all parties involved agree to take part in mediation, the mediator will have individual meetings with all of those involved. The mediator will then decide the best approach to try to resolve the situation. If both parties agree, you might then meet together, with the mediator, or you might continue to have separate discussions with the mediator. The mediator will aim to help both sides reach an agreement and outcome that everyone is happy with.

If you try mediation and it is not successful, you are still able to submit a formal complaint via the Student Complaints Procedure.  Our guidance on Student Complaints may also be helpful.

How do I access Mediation?

If you are involved in a dispute where you think mediation may be helpful you should send a request to complaintsappeals@mmu.ac.uk, or call Student Case Management on 0161 2471095. If everyone involved in a dispute agrees to mediation then Student Case Management will assign a member of staff to act as mediator. Student Case Management may also suggest mediation to you if you have a complaint that is already being investigated.