Access and participation plans

We are committed to fair access and to supporting those from under-represented groups to progress to and succeed at Manchester Met.

The University's Access and Participation Plan (previously known as access agreements) submitted to the Office for Students (previously Office of Fair Access) outlines the commitment we make in relation to outreach, student success and progression. The Agreements also confirm the fees we will charge and the financial support we will offer to students who progress to Manchester Met.

The Access Agreement is reviewed on an annual basis and students are covered by the agreement which was in place when they commenced their course of studies at Manchester Met. Our agreements can be downloaded below:

Access and Participation Plans (APPs)

Access and Participation Plan 2020-21

Access and Participation Plan 2019-20

Access Agreements

Previous access agreements approved by the Office for Fair Access:

Access Agreement 2018-19

Access Agreement 2017-18

Access Agreement 2016-17

Access Agreement 2015-16

Access Agreement 2014-15

Access Agreement 2013-14

Access Agreement 2012-13

Access Agreement 2010-11 (also covers 2011-12)

Access Agreement 2009-10

Access Agreement 2008-09

Access Agreement 2006-07 (also covers 2007-08)

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