Investing in your future

How are my university fees spent?

As a student at Manchester Metropolitan University, it’s important you know how the University invests your university fees and how this supports your success.

We want to make sure you have everything you need to understand how your fees contribute to your student experience and how they affect you every day.

We’ve kept it simple and focused on the most important thing, what your university fees mean to you. We’ve done this by highlighting the six key areas of life at Manchester Met and described how your fees contribute to them:

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Teaching and research

Learning is at the heart of the student experience at Manchester Met and you won’t be surprised to learn that the largest proportion of your university fees (46%) is invested in teaching and research.

We know you value teaching and want to work with academics who are both excellent teachers and who are able to bring cutting-edge practice and research into your classrooms and labs.

Our academic staff and tutors are actively engaged with the latest thinking, ideas and techniques in your chosen field of study and will work with you to build and improve your skills and knowledge, helping to equip you for the future and inspiring you to learn and to succeed.

Day to day

A lot of work goes on in the background to make sure Manchester Met is a great place to study.

Making sure your exams run smoothly, organising your admission, induction and graduation, managing your assessments, producing your certificates and transcripts, and providing technical support for labs and specialist classrooms - these are just a handful of the day to day activities that are all vital to making sure the University runs efficiently.

Campus services

Your university fees contribute to ensuring that Manchester Met is a pleasant environment in which to study and is a bright, friendly and safe place for everyone.

Ensuring our campus is safe and secure, our buildings are clean and well maintained, and our parks and open spaces are welcoming is a key priority.

The University also works hard to be environmentally sustainable and we are very proud of our position as one of the greenest universities in the UK.

Investment in the future

Universities are required to generate a surplus for investment in the future and to ensure that they have long-term sustainability.

We are a not-for-profit organisation, which means that we don’t pass this surplus on to shareholders or owners. We use our surplus to improve our campus, upgrade teaching spaces, invest in emerging areas of study, support new innovations and provide additional support for students.

Between 2010 and 2015, we invested over £350 million on improving our campus and constructing new buildings (including the Business School and Brooks building) and over the next 6 years, we are investing a further £378.8 million in developing our exciting new Screen School, Institute of Sport and Arts and Humanities building.

Study resources

The University provides you with lots of different types of study resources to make sure you have everything you need during your time at Manchester Met.

University fees are used to pay for essential study resources such as the 24/7 Library, our easy to use IT services (including high speed Wi-Fi and printers) and your personalised timetable on Moodle.

The University also invests your fees in the development of new kinds of study resources including learning apps, digital teaching tools and new technologies to support your studies.

Student support

Your university fees contribute to the support services that students access on a daily basis.

Whether you need some advice from our Counselling, Health and Wellbeing service, you’re sharing your student voice at the Students’ Union or getting active with MMU Sport, our student support services provide you with activities and opportunities to develop your skills and talents at the University.

Our Student Hubs, Careers and Financial Advice services are also available if you need further support (even after you graduate), ensuring that all students have the opportunity to get the most out of their time at Manchester Met.

How your university fees were invested in 2017/18

The pie chart below shows how your own individual fees were invested in each of the six key areas in 2017/18:

Please note: The numbers detailed in the pie chart are an average and these figures will vary from year to year.

The total of university fees invested in 2017/18

Did you know - Manchester Met has the fifth largest student population in the UK and over 33,000 students attended the University in 2017/18?

This means the value of university fees we receive is larger than most other universities and the table below details the total fees received during 2017/18 and how they were invested in each of the six key areas:

Six key areas University fees received in 2017/18
Teaching and research £122.5 million (46%)
Study resources £55.9 million (21%)
Student support £32.1 million (12%)
Campus services £33.2 million (12%)
Day to day £20.0 million (8%)
Investment in the future £3.9 million (1%)
Total£267.6 million (100%)

Please note: During 2017/18, the total income generated by the University was £325.3m, with a total expenditure of £321.4m. The figures in the above pie chart are based on all the University activities associated with your student experience.

Sources of income that the University received in 2017/18

It’s not only your university fees that help support your success at Manchester Met. The University receives funding from the government to carry out our research, we generate income from our Commercial Services (like the catering and conferencing facilities on campus) and we receive donations from organisations and individuals that want to support the strategic aims of the University.

The pie chart below gives you an overview of all the different sources of income the University receives:

University fees are paid by:

Other sources of income include:

Want to know more?

You can find out further information about university fees in our financial statements and if you have an enquiry about your own fees, please visit our Student Financial Support website.

If you have any questions about your student finances, please get in touch with our Student Financial Support Team on 0161 247 1045.

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